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Crimea Votes March 16

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On March 16, 2014 the Crimea will vote as to whether to stay with the Ukraine or go back to being part of Russia. This is major in and of itself because of what is at stake. The Crimea has oil and it's on the coastal ports to the Black Sea. Russia needs both and is not going to give it up.

When all this started you had President Yanukovich head of the Ukraine. He turned down a loan from the European Union at the request of Russian President Putin. Putin was ready to loan the Ukraine money as he didn't want the Ukraine aligning itself with the European Union. Problem is that you had the Ukrainian people in the west wanting to align itself more with Europe than with Russia. The eastern part of the Ukraine or let's just say the Crimea has always wanted to be part of Russia. They staged protests and started to ask for Russia to get involved in the problem. In other words they used the crisis to their own means. Now they want to have a vote as to whether to stay with the Ukraine or to go back to Russia.

Putin had no problem with coming to the aid of the Crimean people as he has always wanted that area to be back in Russian hands. What makes this even worse is that the world did nothing to stop the Russian soldiers from entering the Crimea. As a matter of fact all the west did was look at each and throw their hands up. Europe doesn't want to upset Putin as it gets a quarter of its oil from Russia. The United States did nothing but talk about what they were going to do because President Obama does not have a clue as to what to do. Thus Putin pulls off a coup without even firing a shot.

Everybody knows that on the 16th of March the Crimea will go back to Russia. It's a done deal and they don't even need to vote but they want to make it look legal. The Russians have done this by breaking many agreements and laws and they don't care. You see in the end they are able to bolster up the Black Sea Fleet and they once again have more oil. Putin knows that his days as President are numbered as his age is making him realize he is no longer a spring chicken. Putin would love to have a stronger Russia than when he took over after Yeltsin. He has always felt that the Soviet Union should never have broken up and he will do what it takes to accomplish this goal of reunification. Look forward to all that caviar and Vodka that will be eaten and drunk on the 16th of March 2014.