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Crimea: The will of the people is difficult for Obama to accept

President Barack Obama spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday and told him that the vote for Crimea’s secession to Russia would “never be recognized” by the United States, according to a Yahoo! News report on Sunday. Other countries’ leaders have expressed the same after the results of the vote in Crimea was made known.

Crimea in the Ukraine

Word has been that the vote wasn’t right and wasn’t fair, even though its results indicate that over 90 percent of the more than 80 percent of the people of Crimea voted to secede from the Ukraine to the country of Russia. The area of the Ukraine which is overwhelmingly populated by Russians wants to be under Russia’s control instead of the Ukraine’s.

While it is unlikely that anyone in the Western World wants to see Russia expand its boundaries with its type of government which is so unlike governments in the West, it is likely even more feared that this is just the beginning of Russia’s effort to expand its boundary – and its type of government.

While it is obvious why President Obama and other world leaders are asserting that they won’t honor Russia’s invasion of a portion of the Ukraine and also are dishonoring the will of the people who overwhelmingly want to be under Russian rule, there is also concern about President Obama and the other world leaders as well.

The underlying message is, again, that President Barack Obama will not respect the will of the people in Crimea. It is said “again” because Obama’s insistence on governmental issues such as Obamacare – his health care law officially called the Affordable Care Act – is a similar situation in which the will of the people is rejected by him. No discussion on the topic – just an authoritative demand backed by the Supreme Court which didn’t agree with the president on the reason it was found to be legal.

While Americans – 56 percent of which still do not want Obamacare – are being forced into the law, President Obama will likely not be able to force Crimea into remaining under Ukrainian control instead of Russian control.

Based on what was voted into existence in Crimea on Sunday, persons from other parts of the world will need to cross a Russian border to get into the area known as Crimea rather than cross a Ukrainian border. That’s something that cannot be changed by world leaders saying they won’t accept the situation given birth from the election’s results. Via the election, as warped as it is said to have been, the will of the people who live there is to be part of Russia instead of the Ukraine.

Ironically, the United States of America - whose leader has rejected Crimea’s decision - is the free country, and the will of its people is not always followed. All it took was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to call Obamacare a tax instead of a fee, and Americans –in the land of the free – are stuck with something the majority of the people do not will.

Perhaps the unsettling happening in Crimea via Russia’s alleged intimidation is an awakening for President Obama. It could be that he finds it difficult to accept that in some parts of the world, the will of the people is being accepted in these times.

Again, from the Western World’s perspective, there is nothing good that can come of this situation in Crimea. But, if – in fact - it’s the will of the people, they may be as free or even a freer people than people in the Western World via presidential executive orders and situations in which the will of the people is ignored.

Of course, Putin is not responsive to the will of the people either - unless it promotes his agenda.

May God bless America – and every other part of the globe.

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