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Crimea secession: Vote to join Russia

Crimea secession victory is certain. Mikhail Malishev, the head of the referendum committee in Ukraine’s Crimea region, claims that in excess of 95 percent of the votes have approved Crimea’s breaking apart from the Ukraine and joining Russia. That is with approximately 50 percent of the votes having been counted. The election had a huge turnout with more than 80 percent of its 1.5 million eligible voters going to the polls, accord to a BBC News report on Sunday afternoon.

Election poster in Crimea

Pro-Moscow voters in massive numbers celebrated in Simferopol – the main city of Crimea and the pro-Russia leader asserted that he would apply to join Russia on Monday.

The celebrating forces in Crimea took control of the part of the Ukraine last month after the Ukraine’s president was overthrown.

Simply stated, the voters were asked, via paper ballot, as to whether they would like Crimea to rejoin Russia or not. A second question asked whether Ukraine should return to its status under the 1992 constitution which would give the portion of the country greater autonomy. Reportedly, there was no option for those who desired that the constitutional situation to remain unchanged.

Approximately 58 percent of the area’s population is ethnic Russian. Many – if not most – of them were expected to vote for joining Russia.

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