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Crimea moves to join Russia, US and EU to impose sanctions

Yesterday, Sunday March 16, Crimea held a referendum to decide whether the small peninsula nation would revert back to the 1992 constitution or apply to join the Russian Federation. After a 97 percent vote in favor of joining Russia, Crimea's parliament has begun applying to make the union final.

As of today, President Obama has fozen US assets of seven Russian officials including top advisers to President Putin for the support of referendum of the subsequent move to secession. The European Union has likewise imposed travel bans, and frozen the assets of 21 people linked to the brewing crisis in Ukraine.

Putin has consistently asserted that the referendum was conducted in "full accordance with accordance with international law and the UN charter."

Some citizens of Crimea have celebrated the decision as a "holiday," praising the news that they'll soon be able to travel back home to Russia. Muslim Tartars however are fearful of prosecution that they had previously sustained while under the scrutiny of Moscow's government.

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