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Crime that is legal and organized

Organized crime is accused of illegal or semi-legal activity. It has a reputation for bosses who supposedly know they are going to hell but don't really care. It is convenient to point the finger at organized crime because it takes the spotlight off of immoral activities are carried on legal entities. In fact some companies are far more detrimental to society than the activities of crime families.

When research is squashed or buried because new less-effective drugs have more money-making potential is not that a crime against humanity? When news media refuses to report certain stories because it might embarrass an advertiser and cause them to remove advertising revenue from a network is that cover-up of a crime? When politicians neglect the crying needs of constituents in favor of their financial backers is that corruption at its worst? When advertisers push crappy junk and claim it is healthy food is that a crime against all of us? When legislation is made by lawyers who then controls the ridiculous cost of legal services?

I would dare to say that there are more dollars being made in "legal" crime than illegal crime. I would dare to say that there is more fiction in advertising than the shows we watch. I would dare to say that there is as much fiction in the nightly news as the advertisements which pay for it. I would dare to say that the fiction of organized illegal crime covers up a whole lot of organized and "legal" crime.

Perhaps it is no wonder that some people want to take the Ten Commandments out of public places. Perhaps they no longer want to be reminded of some very basic tenets of what it takes to be have a decent human society: Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness.

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