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Crime is down but police warn about car thefts

Community Board President Earl Roberts Jr.

The monthly meeting at the 113th Precinct was more good news in terms of low crime statistics, but there remain a few problems about which residents should be aware.

Catalytic converters are being stolen in the area. Thieves are targeting cars that sit high from the ground, like Sequoias, as they are quick to get under and steal these parts which have no serial numbers. The police have connected with the 300 Sequoia owners in the precinct with strategies they can employ to prevent the thefts. Welding the converter to the muffler is one thing that can help. Most car repair shops can do the welding for a nominal fee.

Burglary is down for the year, but has ticked up a bit as a result of some activity at Linden Boulevard and Murdock Avenue between 194th Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard. The precinct will be concentrating their efforts on that area. They report that the burglaries on Sutphin Boulevard between 113th and 119th have subsided.

Stolen cars are up versus last year. It should be noted that last year the number of stolen cars were at an all time low. A third to a fourth of the stolen cars are attributed to people starting their cars and leaving their key in the ignition for the car to warm up. Also note, there is a number of thefts against minivans and cargo vans. Thieves are also stealing Nissan Maximas from the mid 90s.

C.O. Deputy Inspector Marmara reported they have made arrest in the two murders, including the first murder of 2014, in the precinct both of which are closed. Of the four shootings in the precinct, three were solved by arrests.

C.O Marmara also reminded residents to make sure to download the newest operating system for Android and Apples. If your electronic device is stolen, simply go on iTunes and activate the lost mode. You will be notified of the address of the device. Android lost mode can be accessed through a gmail/google account. C.O. Marmara cautioned, however, not seek out your lost device, but rather to notify the police who will take it from there.

Guest speakers included Andrew Jackson, Executive Director of the Queens Library Lanston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center. He spoke to the continued need for Black History Month.

The ASPCA spoke about an upcoming initiative they will launch which will give away housing for animals. This is a pilot program designed to get resources for pet owners whose pets spend time in the elements. The initiative is in its beginning stages, but they will be reaching out the community. The giveaway is tentatively scheduled for March 1, 9-3PM.

Look forward to a change in venue for upcoming meetings. President Earl Roberts is reaching out to the community to find various locales to hold the monthly meetings. It is the hope that new locales make residents from across the precinct more willing to attend meetings.

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