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Crime fighting crusaders on a Queen City mission

Fighting crime is what they do best
Fighting crime is what they do best
The Real Life Superhero Project

Gone are the days caped crusaders relentlessly fought crime on darkened street corners. Think again Cincinnati, real life superheros are on the way! The Queen City Crusaders (QCC) are forming now with plans to hit the streets of greater Cincinnati area this month. QCC founder, a 21-year-old named Elizabeth, is on a mission. Not only will the Queen City Crusaders fight crime on Cincinnati streets, they plan to help abolish the area's homelessness epidemic. With the internet age, it's not hard to find out how to make a homemade net gun, so, why not sign-up to be a crime fighter?

Real life super heroes to hit the street of Cincinnati
Queen City Crusaders, Elizabeth spoke with Elizabeth about how her superhero group evolved, and how she plans to fight crime in Cincinnati. Elizabeth was inspired to help fight crime after witnessing the aftermath of what appeared to be a robbery. She saw two men follow a young woman into a darkened alley, but didn't think much of it, until the men darted out a few minutes later. That same young woman soon ran out, screaming that someone stop the men, and that she needed help. Elizabeth told,

"It's important to me that people take me, this project, and my team seriously. We are honestly risking our lives to help and I think that takes serious dedication and deserves respect. We are real people taking time out of our lives to benefit others."

After not being able to help the distressed woman, Elizabeth's true calling was revealed, and she vowed to help crime victims, and Queen City Crusaders was born.

The mere presence of QCC members should help deter criminal activity in the greater Cincinnati area. Superhero members will don costumes to conceal their true identities, as they hit the streets to fight crime. While Elizabeth is still working on her superhero name, she anticipates her costume will be a black, hooded ensemble, with a surgical mask concealing her identity. All QCC members are responsible for creating their own superhero persona. Membership into this elite superhero group is free, one only needs the urge to regain the city streets from drug dealers, robbers, and criminals, returning the city of Cincinnati to safety once more.

Nearly 300,000 citizens to the 77 square mile area, the City of Cincinnati Police Department's 2013 STARS crime statistics speak for itself, showing auto theft, aggravated assault, and rape on the rise since May, 2014. The Queen City Crusaders have their work cut out for them, and plan to arm themselves with legal means of self-protection while patrolling the city, such as pepper spray and stun guns. Elizabeth's goal for her team is safety first, and believes that patrolling in pairs should deter any prospective harm to team members. With keen instincts and sharp reflexes, Elizabeth's plan to halt crimes in Cincinnati doesn't stop there. Additionally, she plans to seek self-defense training for her superhero group, and to gain support from law enforcement members.

The idea of average American citizens taking adopting superhero persona to fight crime is nothing new. BBC reported on one such person known as, Axel Grind Man of London, who is tired of criminals having the upper-hand. A few other real world superheros are:

Brutally aware of the homelessness epidemic in Cincinnati, Elizabeth also plans to collect donations to help in whatever areas she and the group can. According to the Drop Inn Center, over 9,600 people were confirmed homeless in Cincinnati alone. Non-perishable items, food, and clothing of all sizes, will be collected by the QCC and donated to Cincinnati area shelters to help fight homelessness. After all, would you expect anything less from real life superheros?

The crime-fighting elites are recruiting new members. Eager prospects may email Elizabeth at, or visit the Queen City Crusaders on facebook to support of the project. Recently interviewed by Kidd Chris on WEBN helped get the word out. Elizabeth hopes the Queen City Crusaders will explode with interest from new members, as plans to patrol the streets of Cincinnati amps up, to clean the city of crime.

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