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Crime Does Pay: Just Steal Quarters

Parking Meter- Stealing Quarters
Parking Meter- Stealing Quarters
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File under unbelievable. A man, a municipal employee, in New Jersey (Jersey) stole $460,000 in quarters over a two-year period. That would mean he needed to take 600 dollars a day, every day- weekends and holidays- for the entire time of his grand larceny.

No I don’t need Christmas off. I’ll be happy to work.

And yes, almost a half million dollars is larceny and quite grand.

Ask the kid who held up the convenience store netting a couple of bucks and is serving 20 years what his thoughts are….

Some questions.

Why wasn’t the money shortage noticed?

Do they audit accounts or just send the money directly to the Governor’s Office? (Bada Bing.)

How did a man, who admittedly had a key but not authorized access, enter this room so many times?

How did he waddle out each time carrying hundreds in coinage and not be noticed?

Why didn’t the banks eventually realize that many of his deposits were quarters? Rica claims he used different branches during his crime spree. How many financial institutions are there in Northern Jersey?

(By the way, ATM’s do not take coins. Perhaps in New Jersey it is possible.
So real live folks were overseeing these strange deposits and were not concerned?
Even one time, it appears odd.)

Why in this case can a man steal, betray his job and employers- the citizens of the town- and not go to jail?

The column’s mother always said: if you are going to steal, take 5 billion dollars.

This was not advocacy for crime but rather making a comment on the rich: no matter how they amassed their fortunes, the uber wealthy are generally immune from penalty

Man-made punishment that is. There remains God and the Law of Cause and Effect.

But to correct the sentiment expressed directly above, apparently a half million is sufficient to escape jail time.

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