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Crime and punishment dominate second; Blazers lead 7 - 4

The Blazers work their man advantage against the Swarm.
The Blazers work their man advantage against the Swarm.
Ian B. Murphy

The second quarter was a bizarre period with a little bit of everything: wacky penalties, a penalty shot, lots of posts and crossbars, a goal review, a bad turnover by Swarm goalie Nick Patterson that lead to an empty net goal for the Blazers.

The goal after Patterson's turnover was put in by Ryan Hotaling, but the whole line deserves credit for a great ride, harassing the goalie and blanketing the Swarm, giving Patterson few options to release the ball.

The Blazers were called for two rare penalties involving not immediately returning to the bench after losing a helmet, both on the same play. That gave Minnesota a penalty shot - Boston goalie Anthony Cosmo stopped Callum Crawford's bid - and a long spell of five-on-three. 

The Blazers only allowed one goal during their disadvantage (Swarm captain Aaron Wilson), and responded by netting three goals of their own after the weird exchange, including Hotaling's goal. Mat Giles, Jamie Rooney, and Nick Cotter all scored for the Blazers during the second.

There were three penalties by each team during the period.

Kevin Ross also scored for the Swarm.


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