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Crest introduces chocolate flavored toothpaste

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Crest is catering to chocolate lovers by introducing a new mint chocolate flavored toothpaste, USA Today reported Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.

Mint Chocolate Trek, along with two other tempting toothpaste flavors from Crest, will make their way to store shelves the first week of February and will sell for just under $5. Next to the chocolate, look for Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest. Shortly after its American debut, Canada should be seeing the new flavors as well.

All three toothpastes are part of Crest’s “Be” line and although the flavors may seem a bit odd for toothpaste, the company admits that the new flavors are aimed at “experiential consumers.”

Crest created the chocolate flavored toothpaste in an effort to bring excitement to teeth brushing time, giving consumers the opportunity to “arouse their senses and energize their brushing routine like never before.”

“It’s a way of reinvigorating interest in a brand. By having a variety of products, they keep consumers from switching,” said Karen Machleit, head of the marketing department at the University of Cincinnati.

Machleit also stated that consumers are always looking for something new and exciting. Well, Crest may have hit the mark – or missed it. While some say it’s brilliant, others just simply say, “Gross.”

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