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Creighton history lecture: Schlosser to address America's nuclear arsenal

The third acclaimed book by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser brings him to Omaha tomorrow night for the Creighton University Department of History Ross Horning Lecture.

The 7:30 lecture is open to the public. Register through the above link. Ross Horning was a history professor at Creighton.

Schlosser's latest book, published last year, is "Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, The Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety ."

Schlosser's first two books, "Fast Food Nation" and "Reefer Madness," were New York Times bestsellers.

"Command and Control," more than 600 pages, investigates, in depth, a 1980 accident at a Titan II missile site near Damascus, Ark., in which an explosion occurred although a nuclear detonation was avoided. Many other accidents are also described. Schlosser also analyzes the history of the Strategic Air Command, which was at Offutt Air Force Base adjacent to Bellevue.

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