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Creflo Dollar elated over oldest daughter's new hit single

Creflo Dollar's Oldest Daughter Released New Single, 'I Don't Deserve It.'

According to EEW, Thursday, mega church pastor, Creflo Dollar’s oldest daughter, Jordan L’Oreal has released a new single titled, “I Don’t Deserve It.”

In a brief interview, Dollar boasts proudly about his daughter Jordan. Dollar states that the song is “something… from heaven.”

He further states, this new hit single my oldest daughter got from God. She wrote and produced it…it is going to make a mark in your life that can never ever be erased…it ministers a greater understanding of the grace of God.

Dollar has another daughter; you may recall that made headlines for calling the police on him last year for allegedly assaulting her. Dollar was arrested and released. Dollar says he should have never been arrested.

As you and I both know, in ministry, there is the good, bad and the ugly. This story makes us happy to report – the good.

God uses young people to change the world. So congratulations Jordan L’Oreal, a job well done and beautifully sang.

Take a listen!

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