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Creepy San Clemente dolls were supposed to be an act of good will

San Clemente doll anonymously left at resident's doorstep
Orange County Sheriff Dept photo

At least eight San Clemente residents in Orange County, California have found porcelain dolls placed on their doorsteps by a woman who attended church with some of the families, according to an Orange County Department’s sheriff’s lieutenant on Friday night. Prior to the discovery of the origin of the person giving the dolls to the residents, there was extreme concern over the incidents of gift-giving as the dolls left on the doorsteps resembled the daughters of the families that lived in the homes, according to the Daily News on Friday. Lieutenant Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department asserted that the unnamed woman who left the dolls for the daughters of the families in San Clemente wanted to leave the dolls for the girls as an anonymous gift.

In the bizarre incidents, there was no note left with the dolls. Hallock said that after the authorities were contacted about the dolls being left at the homes, informational reports were taken on the incidents. He said that there was no obvious sign of a crime involved with the gift-giving. However, the parents initially suspected that finding a doll resembling their daughters on their doorsteps was either a prank – or something worse. Some reportedly thought that their daughters were being stalked, basically, and they were fearful of what the creation of the dolls resembling their daughters could have possibly meant.

The woman who gave the dolls to the girls said that her daughters were getting older. Therefore, her daughters don’t play with dolls anymore. That is why she thought the other girls might want them. According to ABC News, the sheriff’s deputies reported that the woman meant the dolls to be an act of goodwill and intended her gift-giving to be a kind gesture.

Hollack went on to say that the incidents were peculiar, strange, and weird, and all that stuff prior to the revelation of the dolls’ originator. Initially, he said that the recipients of the dolls were saying that the dolls slightly resembled their daughters. He admitted that such incidents were creepy. No word as to why the female gift-giver didn't just knock on the residents' doors and ask them if they'd like a doll for their child.

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