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Dolls on doorsteps: Creepy porcelain dolls left for little girls, case solved

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Creepy-looking porcelain dolls had been showing up on the front steps of houses in a San Clemente, California neighborhood. These porcelain dolls look just like the little girls who happen to live in the homes that the dolls mysteriously showed up at. This made an even more disturbing incident for the 11 families who were left the dolls, according to The Wire on July 25.

Porcelain dolls are seen as creepy-looking by some people, while other people collect them thinking they are endearing life-like images of children. The families who found these dolls on their front door stoop called the police as they found it eerie that someone would leave a doll that looked like their daughter without saying a word.

The dolls looked like the girls, who were all about 10-years-old. The girls all live in the same Talega neighborhood and they attend the same elementary school. So the concerns that these girls had someone watching them made the families very uneasy. Who would have mysteriously dropped off these porcelain dolls?

Police investigated these incidents and they finally cracked the case. They found the person who was leaving these dolls at the homes of little girls, reports NBC News 4 today.

It was actually done as a gesture of kindness by a woman who attended the same church as these families. She wishes to remain anonymous, but told police she had this doll collection and she thought the little girls would like the dolls, especially the ones that looked a lot like them.

Once the story broke, another family came forward who said they were left wooden dolls and they had a five-year-old daughter. In this case there were three wooden dolls with interchangeable clothing. It is not clear if the same woman who left the porcelain dolls also left the wooden dolls.

Most can understand how the parents of the 10-year-old girls were a bit disturbed when finding the porcelain dolls that resembled their daughters on their front steps. It was a bit creepy and in today's world, you just don't know what the person leaving the dolls had in mind when mysteriously dropping them off at the various houses.

Police spoke with the woman and they believe that her reasons for handing out the dolls was nothing more than a "goodwill" gesture, so the case is closed today. The families can now breathe a bit easier!