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'Creepy dolls' mystery has been solved: Here are some more scary toys

The unsettling mystery of the "creepy dolls" left on the doorsteps of young girls in a California neighborhood has been solved. According to CBS News on Friday, a little old lady is the culprit, and she was just trying to do something nice. She probably never saw all those horror movies with the scary dolls, so the thought never occurred to her that she was giving people nightmares all over the world.

Those porcelain dolls arriving on doorsteps were really creepy!

Around eight families in the San Clemente neighborhood of Talega had been the unknowing recipient of porcelain dolls. They were left on their front porches anonymously. The "creepy" part was the fact that the dolls closely resembled the recipient’s 10-year-old daughters. Well, of course, they did because an elderly lady who attended church with many of the girls carefully chose each doll for each girl. She was cleaning out her home, giving away toys that belonged to her own family, and she thought this would be a nice gesture. A card would have been very helpful, though.

This story is a very good example of the generational, digital divide. ABC News said the lady is embarrassed. Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff's Department said that she was mortified by the media attention and a little scared because her gesture of goodwill had turned into something that was temporarily terrifying the community. What do you suppose the families will do with these infamous dolls now that the mystery is solved? They would certainly be conversation pieces if put on display.

If you want to view some really creepy dolls and toys, brings us “Strange and Creepy Dolls: 12 weird and scary kids’ toys." It would be difficult to choose the "creepiest" toy out of this list. It would be a close tie between the baby doll with patches of hair that you shave off and the doll with prosthetic legs that a child has to put on the doll. Oh, did we mention the piggy bank shaped like a pile of doggy doo-doo?

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