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Creepy crawly spiders take over Mazda sedans causing recall

Spiders invade Mazda6 inciting recall
Spiders invade Mazda6 inciting recall
Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images

Many busy lifestyles dependent upon their Mazda6 cars are being threatened by spiders. In a letter dated April 3, 2014 the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acknowledged Mazda North American Operations's notification of a safety recall for Mazda6 sedans to rectify a serious fuel tank problem that spiders are causing with their webs.

Spiders' webs that may cause fire in Mazda6 vehicles are the cause of recall.

Mazda North America is recalling 42,000 Mazda6 1010 to 2012 vehicles with the 2.5L engine manufactured from Sept. 14, 2009 to May 2, 2011 in order to remedy a potential dangerous problem. Mazda has concluded that spiders weaving their webs in the evaporative canister vent hose of some of the recalled vehicles are causing a blockage that places an extreme amount of negative pressure in the fuel tank which could lead to a fire.

Notified owners will be instructed to bring their cars into dealerships so the powertrain control module can be reprogrammed and the canister vent line can be cleaned and inspected for the spidery webs. If it is determined that a spider's woven masterpiece is in the vent line then Mazda will replace the fuel tank and check valve on canister vent line. This will be the second recall affecting the Mazda6 by spiders. According to CNNMoney the first recall was a result of yellow sac spiders building webs in the canister vent hose of 2009 to 2010 model year Mazda6 four cylinder cars.

A letter sent to the National Highway traffic Safety Administration by Mazda on March 11, 2014 details the events leading up to this most recent recall. Beginning in February of 2011 Mazda tried to counter the spider from entering by adding a spring to the canister. This was followed by adjusting the software controlling the Power Control Module to reduce pressure in the fuel tank. It was in September of 2013 that investigation of cracked fuel tanks began after a report of a cracked fuel tank was received by a customer. By February 0f 2014 Mazda concluded that the adjusted software did work in preventing the fuel tank from cracking and although the spring did help, there was still a type of spider that was able to squeeze in and cause damage. Due to the manufacturers investigation Mazda concluded that the defect was safety related requiring the announced recall campaign.

The spider's innate ability to weave webs that make small prey defenseless has wreaked havoc against the human brain and the created technology so depended upon. No matter how inventive and amazing man-made innovations are it is humbling that a creature as tiny as a spider can lead to impairment.

Never underestimate the power of nature and never be afraid to dance!

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