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Creeped out by Starbucks new logo?

Starbucks removes name recognition from new logo.
Starbucks removes name recognition from new logo.

If so, you wouldn't be the first. When Starbucks announced, via their website, a change in their logo responses varied. They decided to remove the famous green circle containing the words "Starbucks Coffee", enlarge the center image of their black and white siren and make it green and white. On the Starbucks blog, they went into detail concerning the reason for the change and how much they value the image of the siren. Reader commenting on the change said everything from "I love it" to "it's boring" or "it creeps me out".

Though the siren has remained on their label since the company's beginning, in recent years she has been more of a side note. One could easily ignore her existence in the same way much of Los Angeles previously had no idea of the details on the county's seal.

Placing the siren front and center creates concern for some Christian parents, including this examiner. One commenter to the blog stated that it appeared to be idol worship. One thing is certain, she is unclothed though details aren't revealed. It will be a discussion starter within homes and as we drink and display the cups in our cars, homes and hands our children receive this home based advertising.

Perhaps it's time to start spending more time at Peet's Coffee and Tea or McDonalds where a cup of coffee is simply a cup of coffee and not a questionable spiritual journey or an long discussion on modesty. To read more details on the history of the Starbuck's logo see the Starbuck's Examiner.

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  • Profile picture of Heather Switall
    Heather Switall 4 years ago

    She could easily be wearing a white T-shirt. It's all in how you look at it.

  • Profile picture of Paula Whidden
    Paula Whidden 4 years ago

    Though she has no collar of any kind.

  • candice mason 4 years ago

    I see nothing wrong in their logo. If anything their newest logo is more modest than the first one they had in '77.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Nudity and sexuality are two separate things. Pick your battles

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