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Creed singer thinks fish can fly



  • Jessica In California 5 years ago

    This story is so yesterday, played out. Try again.
    Second, trashing Stapp is so yesterday, played out.
    Don't you have the talent to write something original, not overdone, actual news?
    Third, suggest you fact check about Creeds recent summer tour 2009. They sold out many of the venues.
    Houston show had over 16,000 in attendance.
    And houston show set a world record in high def cameras.
    This is just old bs coming to surface by writers who are looking for attention.
    So, they write a regurge of old junk.
    and try to milk off Creeds large audience base.
    The full circle album is awesome.
    Creeds websites (twitter, youtube and so on)
    have received huge numbers in hits, subs, friend request in
    the very short few months they went up.
    In the end that says it all....
    People love Creed
    People will always love Creed
    No matter how HARD core the haters
    try....that is how it is.

    No write something that isn't so over done.

  • Doug 5 years ago

    Actually Creed is about to set out on the 2010 Tour
    pretty quick.

    Creed was just on The Tonight Show this week announcing the upcoming 2010 Tour.

    Doesn't a papers editor require writer to fact check?

    Crap article

    I dig Creed, they have songs that have stood the test of time and just wrote a batch of really cool tunes on the new album Full Circle.

    Sounds like a new Creed better and tighter. Why some people can't live and let live and have a obsessive need to go after Scott is strange to say the least.

    Perhaps all "those" type of people need to focus on why there bands suck and cant get near the amount of fans Creed has.

    Or just get a hobby.

  • Creed Fan 5 years ago

    CrEEd ScoTT StaPP RoCks

  • Pam 5 years ago

    Leave Scott Stapp alone, for the sake of sounding cliche. And has anyone seen eddie vedder? Nope? Scott Weiland? disappeared too, huh...?

    Yeah, get a life, Michael. Losers who knock people down are those with no testicles to stand alone.

  • Kyle 5 years ago

    Wish folks would live Scott Stapp alone. Creed means alot to me.

  • Ivan Permana 5 years ago

    Yes,, Creed is absolutely ROCKMENS !!!!!

  • What??? 5 years ago

    Creed had huge crowds on the Summer 2009 tour
    what the heck is this guy even checking information or just
    trying to hurry and get out his personal attack on Creed?

    Here is correct information from a WELL KNOWN newspaper
    just on 1 of the 2009 Summer tour shows -

    Creed Live was shot with 239 high definition cameras. Creed Live has been award 4 Guinness Book of World Records, including, "the most amount of cameras used to film a concert". Recorded on September 25, 2009, at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston, Texas. 17,000 screaming fans attended. This is the first DVD live recording of Creed, and features all of their hits, including Higher, My Sacrifice, and Arms Wide Open. The original Creed band members deliver a stellar performance, after almost a decade in hiatus.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    After reading this I can only conclude that this "writer" hates Stapp and Creed, Why? No idea, there is not a solid argument in this. Lame, boring... Use your time better.

    Creed might not be the best band of the world, but they definitely are not bad. Maybe they aren't as famous as they used to be, but, whatever, they still have fans...

    About that Marlins song, it obviously not literally....

    And something else, I read something very similar on Perez Hilton last week. I hope this isn't a copy paste.

  • CreedFan0025 5 years ago

    Creed & Scott Stapp Rocks! Leave Scott Stapp Alone!

  • Military Man 5 years ago

    Creed does so much for the troops. In particular they dedicated the 9/25 show to the troops and had it broadcast to us live via the internet so we could see it where ever we were in the world. I don't see other bands doing what these guys have done for us. They take the time to acknowledge us in the middle of there concerts. We matter to Creed. The years go on and the people continue to try and shove there bias down our throats about Creed. But what you do not understand is, we are fed up and this is not ok with us any longer. This must end and you need to get a new subject. We are backing up Creed, Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Flip till the end.
    You best get used to it, Creed will go on and on. You will not stop it or how we feel about these guys.

  • Gisela 5 years ago

    Creed has fana around the world I'm one of those fans. I love the band and I'm happy cuz they're back!!
    Scott Stapp is a great performer and song writer and he has his own way to sing and it's because of him that I love Creed, his voice is unique and special.
    Let him alone and find something interesting to do with your life. Stop hating!!

  • Bullets 5 years ago

    Stapp rocks!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Ann 5 years ago

    I just want to say that I love love love
    Creed. Scotty is one beautiful hot man.
    Me and all my college friends have got
    vip tickets to 3 of the 2010 concerts.
    We can't wait !

  • Jordan 5 years ago

    Dude what kind of crap article is this? Just because the almighty Red Sox aren't getting it done this year, you want to take your anger out on someone who is doing much better off than yourself? Stick to writing your rarely-read biased, pathetic excuse for articles and Stapp will continue to sell his millions while laughing at jokes like you. Get over your personal jealousy/hatred of Stapp and GROW UP.

  • Aron 5 years ago

    It's so amazing to me how ONE man and ONE band can be HATED!!! TRULY TRULY HATED SO MUCH by BILLIONS of people! They ARE and ALWAYS will be my favorite band! and I admire Scott!!! that man has more talent, guts, pride, and soul than this writer could ever HOPE to have!!! I want all the creed haters out there to know... I HATE YOU TOO!!!!:) this punk needs to find more productive things to do with his time! what a total douchebag!!! ROCK ON Scott and Creed!

  • Jon 5 years ago

    Man I hate this. A writer tries to make a name for himself. Bagging Stapp because it seems to be the cool thing to do.

    Just leave him alone, he has changed his life and is trying to do the right thing. Whats wrong with coming up with a song for your favourite team, yeah its corny but who cares.

    Creed has plenty of fans, who can truly appreciate their music that inspires so many.

  • Will 5 years ago

    Scott Stapp and Creed rock! Yes, Stapp has stuffed up bad in the past, really bad...but man, he's turned his life around, it's time to get off his back and leave him alone and not hold a grudge. He's done so much with the troops, Haiti, the Scott Stapp Foundation, etc. We should be proud of him.
    Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall of CREED, you've got my support and I've got your back :)

  • liz 5 years ago

    scott stapp is amazing...i think it's embarrassing that you had to put this out there...why can't every one just give it a aren't making all the real fans hate him. you could never make the real fans hate him...they have been my favorite band for half my complain about scott not being original...well why don't you take a look in the mirror and say something original in your article...find something better to do with your time than complain about someone who i'm sure is a far better musician than you will ever be.

  • ragman 5 years ago

    HEY BOSTON! KISS OUR ASS! YANKEES FTW. BTW, a COMPLETE overreaction over Scott Stapp. I thought the Marlins Will Soar was pretty cool and as for the 80's thing? FCUK YOU! The 80s and 90s were the glory of music.

  • Tim Meesseman 5 years ago

    You're nuts, man... the fight song sounds great, and his performance of the national anthem was superb. Just because you don't personally like the style doesn't make it crap.

  • Greg , Miami Florida 5 years ago

    I would never think to find bands I do not like or singer I do not like and go to town on them telling everyone how much I hated them. It would never cross my mind.
    So when I read things like this I conclude that the writer
    must be friends with one of the bands that cant sell 35 million albums. Or cant get 17k fans to come to a show after your gone for years and have not had an album out.
    so yea, that is the truth behind anyone going around doing this type a thing. Creeds music cannot be erased in the hearts and minds of there fans the world over. I lives on. The new music is amazing and just a taste of what is to come. There is no one who can change our minds about Creed.

  • Noneofyourbusiness 5 years ago

    Michael...Media reporters like you need to be fired....First, get your facts straight CREED'S about to go out on tour again(Creed 20-10 tour) and can't people like you find real stories to right about, instead of bashing people for no reason. Scott Stapp Rocks and CREED Rocks...Now go find something credible to write about...You SUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Noneofyourbusiness 5 years ago

    Michael, you SUCK and don't have a clue what's good or not...personally you should be fired for this!

    CREED is Awesome and Scott is Awesome...I'd like to see you sing A Capella. Find something credible to write about and get your hearing checked!


  • Pffffffft 5 years ago

    Michael you suck and don't have a clue what's good or not...personally you should be fired for this!

    CREED is awesome and Scott is Awesome...I'd like to see you sing A Capella. Find something credible to write about and get your hearing checked!

  • Happy Gilmore 5 years ago

    Creed has always been a lightning rod for hatred for whatever dumb reason and it makes no sense. Great music and what seems like decent people, so why the constant bashing? Sure Stapp had a HUGE screwup of a life for a bunch of years but it's not possible he changed and put it behind him right? Of course not, once a loser always a loser, right? Guess Iron Man sucked because Downey was a loser for a bunch of years. So then of course the second one will blow too, right? Nobody here knows you but the impression you leave is you are biased and have it out for Stapp, and that's sad. Doesn't matter what any of us say, you probably couldn't care less.

  • DISGUSTED 5 years ago

    Michael, I think you owe all CREED and Scott Stapp fans an apology for this garbage article. You are entitled to your opinion, but maybe you should keep it to yourself, instead of bashing people publicly. If I were your boss, I would fire you for the inability to remain impartial for the readers - learn to keep your hater attitude to yourself!

  • josha31042 5 years ago

    Lol. You idiot. Stapp was perfect on the anthem.
    You just don't like him because it's popular to bash him.

  • kgminnie 5 years ago

    You need to find yourself another outlet, man. Ragging on anyone like you did is not cool in any way, shape or form. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, and thank goodness we get to have our say too.
    Scott Stapp is an intelligent, creative, and talented man. He's his own person, he's not trying to be any of the other front band members you mentioned. He doesn't need to be. He's better. Creed rocks, always have, and continues to do so. I can't wait to see them again this summer, after seeing the spectacular show from last summer.
    The song he rewrote and sang for the Marlins is's inspirational for the team and fans which was the intention.
    You're not impressing anyone by letting us know that Marlins don't soar. That's not the point, Marlins as a team are to soar, not the mascot! But, as they say, "consider the source". Maybe the Boston Rock Music Examiner needs a new one!

  • JW 5 years ago

    Not only are your facts wrong but you must be deaf as well... the National Anthem was pretty much flawless. As you can see by the comments below a lot of people like what Scott did & it's a shame morons like you feel the need to post random negativity about not only a great talent but a incredibly humble guy like Scott. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all... your article is pointless.

  • reallyannoyed 5 years ago

    Scott Stapp has more talent in his pinky finger than you do as a writer. I think you need to go find something credible to write about. Oh and leave your negative attitude out of your articles and let people form their own opinions!

    CREED Rocks!
    Scott Stapp Rocks!

    Michael Christopher wouldn't know good Music if it smacked him in the face!

    Hello Boston - Get a new Music Critic...One with good taste or at least the ability to find a new angle...this one has been done too many times and is getting tiresome...Michael needs some creative talent! Or is your angle to bash artists and anger their fans!?

  • Fakun Rock 5 years ago



  • Errrrrrrrrr 5 years ago

    I love it! You will Soar is a great song...oh and Michael...Ever hear of a play on words...Get a clue you idiot and find a new career!

    Scott Stapp is awesome and so it CREED! I'm so tired of all the Stapp haters...give it a rest already. He's never done anything you yourself haven't done in your real life! Every hear of Passion? This man has so much passion it's ridiculous and anyone that can't see that is just jealous... Now go find someone to check your facts first and make a Doctor's appointment to get your hearing checked bud... ; P

  • John 5 years ago

    Wow! You are obviously a very unhappy person with misdirected anger issues. If you despise Scott so much, why waist your time with him? People who act like you are jealous haters. Congratulations Scott, may you continue to soar!

  • why are comments left disappearing ? 5 years ago

    this page cannot even keep up with all the people leaving comments. there is no page 2, 3, 4 etc., those comments just disappear off the page. bet this news site never has gotten this many comment on any of there article.

  • somber 5 years ago

    the lyric is corny but how else can it be? it's a superb song that makes you give all your best. it ROCKS, it INSPIRES! Boston needs an unbias critic in music. micheal writing is preconcieved with hatred and distaste towards Scott. unprofessional!!

  • stappishoturnot 5 years ago

    Thanks for the hot picture of Scott! I missed that one!

  • really? 5 years ago

    You are talking about this guy's shirt being tucked in? How much do they pay u over there?

  • Comments 5 years ago

    they are still here just go to top of page where it says comments and click it then you can scroll to the bottom of the page and it says NEXT

  • nope 5 years ago

    no there were over 40 comments now it says 16 he is deleting them I bet

  • platinum x's... 5 years ago

    My Own Prison 8-times platinum.
    Human Clay 14-times platinum.
    Weathered 8-times platinum.

    Full Circle -
    recently release was #1 on itunes
    and at that time many people still did not know
    Creed was back. Many even now are just finding out.

    Lastly to the haters... I'll let Mr. Tremonti say what needs to be said to you - hear that at this link below

    w w w.

  • VoiceofReason 5 years ago

    Let's look at the big picture here: If you sit behind a desk and write a mediocre article, about the supposed "mediocre" singer and "mediocre" team, on an virtually unknown website... where does that place you on the totem pole?

    From the appearance of Mr. Christopher's picture, it would seem that he may be a tad jealous of never being able to achieve what Stapp and Creed have. Instead of becoming a multi-platinum, grammy award winning artist with hundreds of millions of fans, he is simply a wannabe rock star whose only form of release is to degrade people who are more successful than he will ever be. Good luck with that. Keep working hard. Maybe one day you'll finally fulfill your dream of working for Perez Hilton or TMZ.

  • Dudette 5 years ago

    You're sad.. so what if he tucked his shirt in? It proves you're pathetic. Stapp doesn't have great vocals but he has millions of fans. Now you can keep on rambling about him but in the end he has done what others can only dream of.

  • Josh 5 years ago

    Scott did a fantastic job...passionate, sincere, and patriotic.

    The Marlins song is to appeal to people of all ages...its for FUN. Plus, SOAR does not necessarily relate to FLYING. Look up the definition...soaring through the water maybe?

  • David 5 years ago

    He is drop dead gorgeous, has a beauty queen wife, 2 beautiful kids, a rock band with millions of fans, amazing band mates. I say he is one blessed dude.

    Creed has had the success other bands only dream about. Bands just don't get to that level anymore. The will go on in rock history for making songs that are lyrically inviting to people of all ages. They are loved the world over. They each have amazing wives and all but Brian little ones. I say they are a blessed band.

    Creed has given us the fans 4 albums so far. Each offers something different. Each having a song that appeals to radio listeners, concert goers or the heavy songs that rock us. Tremonti gives us the result of his years of spending hours and hours a day practicing. Scott gives us his all each time he performs at a concert he is on 100%. Brian is a brillant bassist and he always has a grin on his face. Flip has the laid back chill vibe that rounds it all out and busts some mean beats
    I say Creed fans are blessed.

  • Rocker 5 years ago

    Creed owns
    you suck

  • Nate 5 years ago

    He made mistakes then...
    He fell
    He dusted himself off and got back up
    He admitted his mistakes
    He said he was sorry to who he hurt and asked forgiveness
    He changed

    If you cannot relate to that
    your not a human being.

    Get off the guys balls

  • Derek 5 years ago

    I agree with everyone else. You're a dumb ass.

  • John 5 years ago

    Get a life, Creed rocks.

  • Helen 5 years ago

    Just leave the man alone jeez!! cant see the point in the article myself what's the point in criticizing he's got a Lot of fans who'l support him and there not going to stop supporting him after reading some crummy article dis'in him.He's a talented man and Creed is a very successful and good band end of! the new album is brilliant and I'll defiantly be buying his solo album,I and thousands of others love him and his voice!! keep rocking SCOTT your fans will always support you, your lyrics are my therapy

  • Carlos 5 years ago

    Don't see the problem. Get a new music critic. Creed and Stapp Rock.


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