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Credit Karma introduces its free credit report

Get unlimited access to your free credit report through Credit Karma
Photo created by Ryan D. neely

Normal credit holders check their credit report for free approximately three times throughout the year. Wiser credit holders understand that credit reports need to be checked more frequently, but wish they did not have to pay to do so. Today, with Credit Karma's new free credit report feature, the wiser credit holder's dream has come true.

Credit Karma's consumer advocate Bethy Hardeman stated in an interview that Credit Karma users can now receive free access to their credit reports. These reports will be updated on a weekly basis at no additional cost to the individual (B. Hardeman, personal communication, July 22, 2014).


Credit Karma has been mostly known for its free credit monitoring service providing its members with continuous updates to their credit score. This free service with its notification features and compatible offers have brought members into new levels of awareness and possibilities with their credit.

Extended financial overview

The latest augmentation of a free credit report within the site increases each user’s ability to understand their credit posture. Users can now see their credit score, credit report, Credit Karma's credit report card, and their assets all in one place. With all of these attributes, Credit Karma can now become a user's one-stop location to examine their overall financial situation.

Unlimited access

No longer do credit holders have to watch a calendar to be sure to cancel a free credit report subscription to avoid being charged. No longer do people with debt have to pay a fee to their bank to have special access to their credit record. Members of Credit Karma can log on to the website at any time throughout the year to ensure their credit behaviors are reported accurately.

Reports available today

Affiliates who have used Credit Karma's credit monitoring service for an extended amount of time will have access to a more historical credit report. On that note, they, as well as new members will not have to take any additional steps to see their free report. Once they log in, the report will be located under the 'My Finances' tab and to the left under their 'Financial Overview'.

Tools and assistance

If a member happens to find a flaw on their credit report, there is hope. They will have access to educational links on fixing any deficiencies found within their credit chronicle (B. Hardeman, personal communication, July 22, 2014).

If you are a current member of Credit Karma's free service, log in today to see your free credit report! If you are not a member, join the ranks of those who can see their credit score and report for free every day.

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