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Creator of ‘Flappy Bird’ taking game off 'The App Store'

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The creator of “Flappy Bird” has announced that he will be removing the game from The App Store in 22 hours, according his Twitter post on Feb. 8. Dong Nguyen, a game developer, has been dealing with mounting pressures since the game became an international hit. Nguyen has finally indicated that he must take down the game in order to resume a normal life again because fame is too disrupting.

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According to his announcement on Twitter, this will mean the game will disappear from Android and iOS app stores by noon time on Feb. 9.

The “@dongatory” screen name used by the genius game creator had indicated that since the app became available – the game that had gone viral literally overnight – the media frenzy along with the fans that love it and hate it had been too much for him to take; it was taking his focus away as a game developer.

Fans that love it had expressed on Twitter if “Flappy Bird” could be up for sale in order to presume their passion of the popular game.

According to Dong’s Twitter response, “I also don’t sell ‘Flappy Bird’, please don’t ask.”

Check out Dong Nguyen's Twitter posts in the photo slideshow.

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