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Creativity is healing

Nevaeh and Jill creatively collaborating
Nevaeh and Jill creatively collaborating
Photo by Lexington Art League Staff

Doing something creative is one of the delightful things that can bring balance to life. It doesn't have to be drawing, painting, playing an instrument, acting, or singing. It can be gardening, blogging, redecorating, cooking, journalling, taking photographs, creating on your computer. The list can go on and on.  When experiencing stress, sometimes taking a creativity break for an hour or so can give the mind some much needed refreshment.  And it's fun!

Creativity can also be very healing. The Side by Side program sponsored by VSA arts of Kentucky in partnership with the Lexington Art League, and Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital does just that. Children with disabilities in programs at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital participate in a  six week studio art class and are then paired up with a local professional artist to create a collaborative work of art. These collaborative works are incorporated into a culminating exhibit. The Side by Side exhibition is currently at the Mayor's Office Gallery until May 31.

Lexington Side by Side on YouTube:

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