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Creativity Inspired Through Culinary Arts

Passion of Culinary Arts

Culinary Art is defined as “the art of cooking.” Spawning not just great smell and flavor but artistic presentations that commit themselves to visual appeal.

Cooking essentially boils down to putting things together in creative ways. It manifests curiosity, understanding of ingredients, and most importantly the preparation to be open. Like all creative undertakings there is always room for change and sudden enhancements. A musician will have an idea how to play out his/her next song, but will try things out of the ordinary to spawn something fresh. A photographer will go into a shoot with ideas and will be open to change depending on varying circumstances. A chef is no different. A recipe will be used with all the correct ingredients, but as the meal is prepared and the ingredients come together there is change. Change in the order of mixture and often times new ingredients come into the mix. Each time the meal might taste different yet fresh.

I recall some of my friends college days where they would ask if I wanted to drive to the grocery store with them in an effort to inspire their intellect. My friend and his fellow classmates were inundated with projects; and at times, were asked to roll out four to five advertising campaigns in a given week. With that rigor keeping the creative flow can be daunting. At times one would feel like a “creative hack.”

The Trick

Creativity means to “create” something “new,” “fresh,” and “original.” If you continuously challenge yourself outside of your career it keeps your imagination and personal curiosity at an ultimate high, enabling you to become a problem solving genius.

Next time you are at a grocery store think about putting a dish together from scratch. Just walk through the isles and see how you may take different ingredients and whip something together. Do not go in with the intention of making something already. Go in without intent.

Let your curiosity sore!
Imagine what the flavors will come to if you mix them together...
Go home and try it, see if your imagination was correct.

Challenge your curiosity through the culinary arts!

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