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Creativity Brings Peace and Balance

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By Tina Elliott

Creativity really does bring peace and balance. By finding a way to be creative in life it can help challenge the brain mentally, but also help to keep the mind, body and soul balanced. Whether it is drawing, sculpting, painting, gardening, writing, dancing, or playing music; there seems to be a never ending venue to choose from when finding that special niche that a person is passionate about in order to bring creativity back into your life.

Many people on the autism spectrum or those with mental health challenges are actually extremely creative and are artists in some way or another. It seems to help to re-balance tranquility, peace of mind and brings stronger focus. A person does not need to be challenged by mental illness or have an ASD (autism spectrum) disorder in order to benefit from creativity. Many people can easily benefit by just taking a few minutes a day to spend on something they have a strong passion for and looking for ways to turn that passion into a creative path as well.

The most important thing to remember though, is to keep your ideas stress free and stick to your strongest passions in order for it to be enjoyable and fun. It should be something a person can literally become lost in time with so to say. Try to think outside the box when looking for that creative side as well. Being creative can also come from helping others to find ways to be creative in their lives, such in within nursing and retirement homes, and by volunteering to help others in a variety of fields.

Finding ideas for creativity can be challenging for some people, but remember that there is the internet and the local library. Here in Saint Cloud we have a variety of dance studios, community classes, the Paramount Theater, and the neighboring art gallery. Just keep an open mind and be sure to 'think outside the box."

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