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Creative ways to share your Facebook author page

Alright authors, get sharing that Facebook page!
Alright authors, get sharing that Facebook page!
jamjar, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

After much careful thought, many an author puts together a Facebook fan page as a promotional tool for his or her writing portfolio. Getting creative online with how to share that author page can get more people to it, and therefore more eyes on the author website or published books. Here are some great promotional methods:

Share a quote from the book along with the page

Quotes are very popular on social media. Use a quote from one of the books being promoted, along with the Facebook author page link, onto other social media networks. On Twitter, for example, put the book passage into quotation marks and add the Facebook link at the end of the Tweet.

This tip can increase traffic to the Facebook author page, in addition to getting people wondering more about the writer. Choose a quote that is intriguing!

Add the Facebook author page link to an email signature

If the author is sending out lots of emails, then adding the page link to the signature at the end of each message is a great opportunity to publicize it. Once people read the email, they are bound to be curious about the portfolio. Hence, the email recipient goes to the social media link.

Of course, make sure that the Facebook author page includes the main author website or blog, to attract new eyes to that online space too.

LinkedIn marketing tips for the page

Yes, the Facebook link is shareable in creative ways over on LinkedIn. Join author groups, general writer’s groups and social media promotion groups. Then, share the page link within these places. Along with posting the link, be sure to explain that anyone who follows the author page will get a reciprocal follow back as a thank-you. In this way, the number of Facebook author page fans grows, and there is a bigger audience being built for the books.

These are a few of the creative ways to spread word about a Facebook author page.

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