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Creative place card holders


  A display for place card holders   photo by Kate Uhry Photgraphy

There are many creative ways to set up your table assignments at your wedding. Once you have worked out your table assignments ahead of time, you can begin to think of how you want to display your cards.

The traditional tent fold card is the most common display. However, many brides and grooms are trying to add a personal touch to their display, which stays on theme with their wedding décor. Above, the florist created a “family tree”, with the name cards hanging from it. For a unique touch, the bride chose hundreds of quotes about love, or weddings, that she placed at each setting, printed on vellum paper.

Be as creative as you like, and don’t be afraid to ask for ideas from your wedding consultant or florist. They have the knowledge and experience of doing thousands of weddings, and can be the architects to your dream.

You can also find cute and creative ideas on websites, such as printing out a mixed CD with the guests name on it, and their table setting (for the couple that are music fanatics). Another popular choice is to incorporate a sweet treat (very common are Jordon almonds). They are thought to bring luck to the bride and groom.

Unless you are going to DIY, you will need to find a stationary or card store that can help you print out all those cards. The Greeting Shoppe in West Hartford has everything from invitations, to wedding programs. Located at 972 Farmington Avenue | West Hartford, Connecticut 06107 | Phone: (860) 523-0515. If you have a large number of guests, this is a great option.

To personalize the name cards, you should handwrite them, either higher a calligrapher, or entrust a friend or relative with neat handwriting to help you. This adds both a personal and elegant touch.

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