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Creative leads from ‘The Last of Us’ taking over ‘Uncharted 4’ development

Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

After the recent departure of Amy Henning from Naughty Dog, fans have been left to wonder who will be taking creative control over the next Uncharted title that is currently in the works exclusively for the Playstation 4. A report by Videogamer on June 2, however, revealed that the developer has now chosen both Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley to direct the fourth entry of the Uncharted franchise.

If the pair’s names sound familiar, it’s because the two also served as the creative leads on Naughty Dog’s most recent hit title, The Last of Us. Druckmann was attached to last year’s post-apocalyptic epic as creative director while Straley performed the duties of the title’s game director.

Both Druckmann and Straley have now been confirmed to be reprising these roles once again for the upcoming Uncharted release that is heading to the PS4. Neither man is a stranger to the series, however, as both were also the creative leads for Uncharted 2 which many fans consider the franchise’s best installment.

Little is known about the next Uncharted game other than that it will exclusively appear on the Playstation 4. Naughty Dog has yet to even confirm whether the title will see the return of the seires’ long-time protagonist, Nathan Drake. So far the developer has only release a brief teaser trailer for Uncharted 4 which featured a voice over from actor Todd Stashwick who is now no longer tied to the project.

While Druckmann and Straley’s The Last of Us is set to receive an HD re-release on the PS4 later this summer, their upcoming work on the next Uncharted game will be the developer’s first title that was built from the ground up for the new hardware. As such, fans can expect to see their first example of what Naughty Dog can accomplish with next-gen specs as more details on the PS4 Uncharted title are revealed.