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Creative Greens

Green Foods display at an early learning center in Allentown, PA
Green Foods display at an early learning center in Allentown, PA
Shari Transue

So a recent monthly theme on “green” things held areas of green animals, green plants and green foods – coming up with crafty green foods is hard, one would think. However, it can be done and was done.

With day one yielding just the simple green water painting of the plates, day two was celery, day three was hand print apples and day four kiwi circles. A fifth day was painting with jello and adding a placemat to the display – however the jello dried all sticky and was kind of an epic fail but the kids had fun with it.

How to:
The Celery is just paper towel/toilet paper rolls painted green and then some bright green tissue paper glued inside.

Apple Hand Prints are just green paint and brown paint on one of the fingers and pressed onto paper – add some black dots for the seeds.

The Kiwi Circles are great for seriating (biggest to smallest) and just glue them together and add the little black/brown dots for the seeds.

Once everything is put together and dried add it to the paper plate with glue or staples and hang for a fresh green display in your classroom by the kitchen area or science. It will certainly be a conversation piece. What kind of creative greens or displays are in your preschool classroom?

*All the projects were used from a local early learning center in Allentown, PA.*


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