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Creative Entrepreneurs and Healing

Healers need Healing
Healers need Healing
Mel Shapcott

Being an entrepreneur is a vocation. Being a soul-centered entrepreneur is a CALLING, a spiritual practice, a mission and a Soul agreement. If there ever was a set-up to squeeze you past society's rules, regulations and "safety nets" well, being your own boss is surely the way! There is nowhere to hide. Usually nowhere to stand but your own inner strength and conviction.

It requires FAITH. No one can guarantee if people will be called to your vision, if they will enroll or vibe to your work. No one can guarantee you won't be a one-hit wonder or a well-connected media darling that fades into obscurity soon after the hoopla subsides.

It requires COURAGE. If you are a CREATOR and ENTREPRENEUR…you won't be creating a business based on other big books, big movements or gurus ( not that it's wrong. It's all good and it's different.) IF you are a creative entrepreneur you will be CREATING from your HEART & SOUL.

When you are a CREATOR, you are called to the edge of your own beliefs, paradigms and INNER WORLD. Fears will rise. Knowing how to get past them and how to SEE beyond them is key.

YOU are the communicator and translator of YOUR vision, so understanding, healing and trusting your inner self is KEY.

I believe that the Creative Entrepreneur is a Healer, healing society, limiting belief systems and manifesting potential inherent in all of us.

You are CALLED to step forward OFF THE CLIFF and stand then FLY for what you believe in!

You need to awaken, heal and understand you inner world in order to manifest the badass vision you have of your outer world!

You need to understand and develop your internal guidance system to the next level to navigate the ever-changing shifts of business and life.

If you feel called, if you feel you hold space for others but have not been held by a intuitive healer teacher…please connect with me.

My clients are reaching for the stars while standing firmly in their Embodied Soul selves. They are succeeding, healing and THRIVING! Let me hold space because I so get it, I get it more than you can imagine. Sending you huge love, V

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