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Creative Easter eggs for the local egghead

Local kids always enjoy the annual Easter egg hunt in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Local kids always enjoy the annual Easter egg hunt in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Loretta Arnold, RHE

Don't get egged by Easter! Use time wisely and hatch a set of beautiful unique Easter eggs. Tap into that creative side and deliver a smiley face. Take advantage of the below ideas and receiving one.

All eggs must be fully boiled. Boiling eggs is easy. Just add eggs to a pan of water (water 1" above eggs), boil then cool in cold water, refrigerate. Use fast drying paint for the non-edible eggs and safe Easter egg dye for the edible eggs. Sometimes, they are just for decorative purposes. Other times, they are delicious as Deviled eggs, egg salad or straight hard boiled eggs.

N.C. State eggheads gone wild! Red eggs. Red eggs with initials. Red eggs with wolf stickers. Red eggs with numbers. Red eggs with all three. Here comes the Wolfpack! Carolina blue eggs. Carolina blue eggs with footprints. And so on. Duke, ECU, Campbell University, etc, so many choices - so little time. Pick their favorite.

Delivering eggs-tra. Blue eggs, red eggs, blue eggs with donkey stickers, red eggs with elephant stickers, eggs with a diagonal stripe, eggs of faces (even Clay), eggs with sayings to admire and past messages to crack, politically charged eggs just may have their vote.

Creative eggs with attitude, latitude and phat-itude. Easter egg hunts deserve the ultimate Easter eggs. Green, brown, tan, and colors of the landscape can offer quite the hunt. But it's all in the silver and gold eggs! At least for some kids, and select adults. Make it interesting by painting the outer plastic egg shell (while open) silver and allow to dry. Place a couple one dollar bills (or $5) inside and shut before hiding. Hide $10 gold eggs in higher locations. Create a hunt based on hints written on hidden Easter eggs. Figure out one hint, find another Easter egg. "I love you", "You're eggs-cellent", "You egg-cite me", "You rock", and "You're the bomb" are just a couple of sayings to add to an egg.

Bowling pins. A red stripe 3/4 from the full end of an egg (meaning 1/4 from the top thin portion) doesn't tie the bowling pin identity together. Whether paint, or tape, create ten and one black egg (double-dye may be required for black egg). Dry where applies. Sit them inside of a basket with a ten-pin layout and the black egg on the other end of the basket. Great for local bowling fans.

Personalizing an egghead! To create an egghead matching face, skin color, hair shape, brows, mouth and mole (where applies) is required, but easier than it sounds. Best thing to do is outline the face and hair on the egg with a pencil first, paint and allow to dry. Create a family of eggheads based on your own family or a bunch of egghead friends.

Egg-xaggerating musicians and celebrities. Elvis required a double yoke egg. The Beatles required four. Rush used to require only three. Cameron Diaz only requires one. Creating spiked hair, a mouth with a tongue that reaches half way around an egg with one eye winking may appeal to Miley fans. Add sunglasses and she evolves into Justin Bieber.

Got the feeling some egghead is watching you? Draw the eggs as eyes, one pupil and color per each egg, and give the Easter egg hunt, or basket, an unexpected visual surprise. Put two eye eggs behind a pair of glasses and see who is smart enough to spot them.

Easter is coming! With days swallowing the nights, Easter is definitely among us. Make it a memorable Easter holiday by adding a dash of creativity. Or remain the same old egghead you've always been.

Happy Easter.

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