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Creative Arts of Women

"423" Acrylic on Canvas
by Mabi Ponce de Leon
"423" Acrylic on Canvas by Mabi Ponce de Leon
Photo taken by Chelsea Boyd

Creative Arts of Women is a freshly new collective that invites local women artists to share work. Two women artists, Helma Groot and Stephanie Rond, founded CAW at the beginning of this year. Their goal of this open-membership is to bring together women in the effort of art and the greater community.

You do not have to be an artist to become a member of CAW, just a woman. Writers, art appreciators, art supporters, art administrators and visual artists unite this collective. With monthly meetings this group will be organizing community service, group shows and sharing inspirations and support for each other and the community.

CAW's first exhibit, Definitions of Character, presented by Friends of the Library, opened January 14, 2010 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Carnegie Gallery. With 36 artists participating in this introductory exhibit, the group is off to a great start. CAW is hoping to open at least two more exhibits for the year of 2010. 

The works displayed in this show are self-portraits. These women are portraying themselves to the public as they see themselves, whether the content of their works are private or not. This is quite an introduction to Columbus, one that allows us to know a little about each individual involved. 

The library is a beautiful place to begin with and the Carnegie Gallery offers a spacious area for the viewer to enjoy each work of art up-close and from afar. Works included are sculpture, paintings, prints, drawings and works with multi-mediums, including fabrics. 

CAW is working with a non-profit organization called CHOICES. This organization devoted to eliminating domestic violence will be given a portion of the proceeds from the show. This show is open until February 19 so if you have not stopped by already please do and enjoy this new beginning.

To keep up to date with the Creative Arts of Women visit their facebook page.


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