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Creative? Artistic? Talented? Check this out . . .

Creativity in a fashion setting
Creativity in a fashion setting
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Built on a strong belief of employing talented and creative individuals, Urban Outfitters is as strong as it has ever been. Beginning with a small store in 1970 in Philadelphia, the fashion world saw an eclectic and funky mix of distinct merchandise, revolutionizing the clothing world as we know it.

One objective of Urban Outfitters is to create a visually dynamic environment that is entertaining for the customers. Is there a specific job description for this? Yes! The person in charge of this is the Display Artist.

Currently, an opening is available in Albuquerque for a Display Artist. If you have the following required skillset, consider this full-time position at this progressive company:

* Strong artistic background including a fine arts, design or architechural background

* Ability to develop three-dimensional work, installation capabilities, and excellent construction/craftsmanship skills

* Experience with building and a proficiency in power tool usage

* Talent and interest in artwork, painting and paper hanging

Display Artists are eligible to receive a quarterly bonus on top of their salary. For more information on job requirements, operations, culture, management and expectations, please visit the Urban Outfitters job description or search the website career opportunities for "Display Artist."


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