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Creationism in Texas: A Review of 'The Greatest Show on Earth' by Richard Dawkins

'The Greatest Show on Earth'
'The Greatest Show on Earth'
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  • Harry Bob 6 years ago

    Jesus made all them creatures.

  • Jared Kopf 6 years ago

    Re: Harry Bob
    . . . including the AIDS virus, small pox, rats, lice, and Pat Robertson.

  • Ted 6 years ago

    This is as big a lie as global warming. It is mathematically impossible for the billions of codes in a dna molecule to randomly assemble themselves, but you want to believe it. It is impossible for life to evolve from chemicals, but you want to believe it. There has never been one instance in all the fossil records of one specie evolving into another, only changes in the specie and improvement but no flying bird with fish scales. For a monkey to become a human millions of fossils should have been found, but not one exists that hasn't been proven a lie or another monkey. This is a religion, evolution and you are a preacher of a false religion. And you will refuse to believe the truth because you are being blinded by your religion of evolution.

  • Salman 5 years ago

    Ignorance is bliss, Ted. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope you haven't reproduced.

  • Catherine 6 years ago

    Yummy! Controversy!

  • Jared Kopf 6 years ago

    Ted, your assertions reveal only your ignorance of biology. No biologist claims that the DNA molecule randomly came together. Evolution, contrary to your misconception, is not a theory of randomness or blind chance; read any book on biology. You assert that it is impossible for life to evolve from chemicals. Again, you assert this without any evidence. As for the fossil record, we are lucky to have any fossils at all: fossilization is a rare event. And, as it happens, every single fossil is a so-called transitional form. There are no really abrupt changes: Evolution is painstakingly gradual. No one says that humans evolved from monkeys; evolution by natural selection shows that monkeys and humans share a common ancestor that lived about 25 million years ago. Biology is a big subject. But it is not a religion. It has no holy books, no priests, no dogma, no faith. It just has evidence, evidence, evidence. You have a lot to learn. I say start with the book above.

  • Jared Kopf 6 years ago

    Here is one example of a fossil that CLEARLY shows a transitional species, though as I said below, every fossil, indeed, every living thing is a potential transitional form. This one is a transition from dinosaurs to birds: i.e., the earliest appearance of a bird-like creature in the fossil record, Archaeopteryx. In the layers below the one in which this guy was found, there are no creatures with feathers in the fossil record; but in the layers above him they begin to appear diversely.

    Creationist talking points such as Ted's, "There has never been one instance in all the fossil records of one specie [sic] evolving into another . . ." are regurgitated propaganda. Very sad . . .

    For answers to Ted's rather unlettered objections to the "religion" of modern biology, see any book on biology, or the following chapters in 'The Greatest Show on Earth':

    Chapter 6 - "Missing Link? What Do You Mean Missing?"
    Chapter 7 - "Missing Persons?"
    Chapter 10 - "The Tree of Cousinship"

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