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Creationism not intellectual hamstringing


  • Reinard 6 years ago

    It is "intellectual hamstringing" because creationism cannot be used for scientific research. There is no way to do any experimentation with a Creation model. It is a scientific dead end. Evolution, on the other hand, has been great in researching medicine.

  • Nick 6 years ago

    >>>"The complexity and intricacy in nature, even in a single cell; the universe's absolute hostility to life everywhere except Earth; the fact that life even exists -- how can it be unintellectual to consider these things indicators of an intelligent Creator?"

    Quite simple. Because ID/Creationists are unable to demonstrate it. But still claim a "creator" did it because they start with their conclusion.

    Evolution on the other hand IS demonstrable. And that's another reason why creationism is dumb. They reject even demonstrable science, not for scientific reasons, but because they find it theologically inconvenient.

    And by doing so, they place limits on God.

    I'm sure He appreciates it.

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