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Creation and the first verse of the Bible disproves the Big Bang Theory

The Six Days of Genesis

The first verse in the Bible tells us when, who, and what it is all about. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). It is planet earth that was made to support biological life (Isaiah 45:18), not Venus, not Mars or any other planet in our solar system or beyond. Earth was created for an ultimate purpose and that was a place for His ultimate creation : man. These first ten words in this very first verse in Genesis chapter one are very important. You either believe them by faith or you scoff or mock this verse in disbelief.

This very first verse disproves that God used the Big Bang as means to create the universe. Where does the Big Bang Theory fit in, when in the beginning God created first a physical universe (space) and then the earth to be the first thing in this physical universe, all on the same day.

The Big Bang Theory has been accepted by a majority of scientists today. According to this theory, in the beginning, there was no matter, just nothingness. Then this nothingness condensed by gravity into a single, tiny spot; and decided to explode. This explosion produced protons, neutrons, and electrons which flowed outward at incredible speed throughout empty space; for there was no other matter in the universe at this time. As these protons, neutrons, and electrons hurled themselves outward at supersonic light speed, they are said to have formed themselves into typical atomic structures of mutually orbiting hydrogen and helium atoms. Gradually, the outward-racing atoms are said to have begun circling one another, producing gas clouds which then pushed together into stars billions of years ago.

But how can this be when a vacuum has no density. It is said that the nothingness got very dense, and that is why it exploded. But a total vacuum is opposite of total density. There would be no ignition to explode nothingness, no fire and no match. It could not be a chemical explosion, for no chemicals existed. It could not be a nuclear explosion, for there were no atoms! There was no way to expand it. How can you expand what is not there? Even if the magical vacuum could some how be pulled together by gravity, what would cause the pile of emptiness to push outward? Where did the gravity come from? And if the gravity brought it together, it would keep it from expanding. How could such a dense hot spot no bigger than an atom produced all what we have in the universe today (planets, stars etc.)?

The Big Bang Theory is a bad scientific model. It does a very poor job of explaining the universe that God actually built. And as we know from Scripture, God did not use the big bang to create, He used His powerful spoken word! "For he spake, and it was done, he commanded and it stood fast". (Psalm 33:9)(KJV)

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