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Creation and science truths that cannot be denied

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Science means "knowledge", and science always agrees with observable evidence. Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe.

Creation is made of particles, indiscernible to our eyes (Hebrew 11:3). Not until the 19th century was it discovered that all visible matter consists of invisible elements called atoms.

The first three verses of Genesis accurately express all known aspects of the Creation (Genesis 1:1-3). Science expresses the universe in terms of time, space, matter, and energy. In Genesis chapter one we read : "In the beginning (time) God created the heaven (space) and the earth (matter) ... Then God said, Let there be light (energy)". No other creation account agrees with this observable evidence.

The first Law of Thermodynamics established (Genesis 2:1-2). The First law states that the total quantity of energy and matter in the universe is a constant. One form of energy or matter may be converted into another, but the total quantity always remains the same. Therefore the creation is finished, exactly as God said way back in Genesis.

The earth is a sphere (Isaiah 40:22). At a time when many thought the earth was flat, the Bible told us that the earth is spherical.

The earth was designed for biological life (Isaiah 45:18). Scientists have discovered that the most fundamental characteristics of our earth and cosmos are so finely tuned that if just one of them were slightly different, life as we know it could not exist. This is called the Anthropic Principle and it agrees with the Bible which states that God formed the earth to be inhabited.

God has given us just the right amount of water to sustain life (Isaiah 40:12). We now recognize that if there was significantly more or less water, the earth would not support life as we know it.

Hydrological cycle described (Ecclesiastes 1:7; Jeremiah 10:13, Amos 9:6). Four thousand years ago the Bible declared that God draws up drops of water, which distill as rain from vapor, which the clouds drop down and pour abundantly on man (Job 36:27-28). The ancients observed mighty rivers flowing into ocean but they could not conceive why the sea level never rose. Though they observed rainfall, they had only theories as to its origin. Meteorologists now understand that the hydrological cycle consists of evaporation, atmospheric transportation, distillation, and precipitation.

Each star is unique (I Corinthians 15:41). Centuries before the advent of the telescope, the Bible declared that each star varies in size and intensity.

Our bodies are made from the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7),(Genesis 3:19). Scientists have discovered that the human body is comprised of some 28 basic and trace elements, all of which are found in the earth. Man is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

The order of creation agrees with true science (Genesis 1). Plants require sunlight, water, and minerals in order to survive. In the first chapter of Genesis we read that God created light first (verse 3), then the atmosphere which contained water (verse 6), then soil (verse 9), and then he created plant life (verse 11).

Science confirms the Bible (Colossians 2:3). These insights place the Bible far above every man-made theory and all other so-called inspired books of knowledge.



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