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The British made movie 'Creation' is at local box offices this weekend.  It's the story of Charles Darwin and it beautifully captures the struggles in the infamous life of Darwin and it equally highlights the on-going debate between creationists and science.  Here's a link to an NPR story that gives more details about the plot in the movie. For more information about what Creationists believe who debunk virtually all that Darwin had to say, visit the Creation Museum website.

One of the oddities within contemporary Christianity is why Christians seem to always be battling science. It's as if there is no way one could both embrace what science tells us and be a spiritual person as well.  It is time that insanity ends.  "Science is not only compatible with spirituality," reminded the late Carl Sagan, "it is a profound source of spirituality."

One attitude is necessary to be both respectful of the spiritual truth one knows and the truth, or theories, science may provide: Have a mind that's open to anything but attached to nothing.  If that be one's attitude, everything else will fall into its rightful place.

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