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Creating your vision board and manifesting your desires for 2014

Creating your vision board and manifesting your desires for 2014
Creating your vision board and manifesting your desires for 2014

So, do you want to try something new this year? Well, how about trying a Vision Board and manifesting what it is that you desire?

Creating your vision board and manifesting your desires for 2014

Each year many of us make New Year's Resolution and within a week and sometimes even a day or two we forget them and then when our mind wanders back to them, we get discouraged and give up on our "new life" or " new desires".

When people start thinking about what they want out of life, either material, spiritual, health, or love, they don't realize that they have the power within themselves to bring this into their life. Many people are taught not to ask for things or they are being selfish. But, what about asking for things out of gratitude and appreciation. What about thinking about improving your life and knowing that it will improve the lives of those around you? It is okay to ask and receive goodness but it all starts with you.

First, let's look at what you desire. Is it material items such as a house or a car? What about a steady job or even a job that you enjoy doing? Is it your soulmate? Healthy family? The possibilities are endless.

So, in order to make a vision board , you must take a bulletin board, piece of construction paper or anything that you can tape or tack items to. Once you have found that then you must look for pictures of what you desire. It can be pictures from a magazine or it can be pictures that you have taken out in the world. Remember when you do this to make the goal reasonable at this time and to think about what you really want. Yes many people want to be wealthy, but what does wealthy mean to you? What does it look like or even feel like?

Remember that you may also cut our words, sayings, or mantras that will empower you each day. For example, cutting out a phrase like " You are powerful" or " You are empowered" may remind you where you want to focus your energy and also to have faith in your thoughts and actions.

Once you found these pictures you put them on your vision board with the most important and desired to you in the center and paste it there. Then move out from the center until you have filled the board. Please see the slide show for multiple examples.

But, this board is just a board until you change the way you think. You must know and believe that you are worthy and that the universe or whoever you worship or look to for support will bring this to you. Now, you must really believe and have faith that this will come about. When you have positive thoughts and you look at this board everyday then you are bringing positive energy to you.

So, many times we keep negative thoughts around ourselves, "I can't do this", " I am sick", " I am too tired", " This is too hard" but we don't keep the positive energy coming towards us like " I can do this", " I love my car" (even if you haven't got it yet).

But, you also can't just sit there and think that the universe is going to just dump all of this in your lap. You have to do something. For example, if you are looking for your soulmate then date yourself for a while and learn more about yourself and what you like to do. Begin learning about yourself and loving yourself and that energy will be felt in the universe and those that will love you will be drawn to you.

It's that simple. I have used this method for my job and my car thus far and it has worked. I just knew when and what I wanted and knew that I deserved it.

So, what is going to be on your vision board for 2014?

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