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Creating the Perfect Post on Social Media Platforms

Create the ideal social media post
Create the ideal social media post

One of the best ways to bring traffic to your website is through the use of blogs. YouTube is another great marketing tool, along with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Here are some useful suggestions on how to create the perfect post to drum up engagement on your social media platforms.


First off, you should have an engaging title, something that grabs the readers' attention. Include keywords in your title, as close to the beginning as possible and try to keep it under 70 characters. The first paragraph of your blog should feature your main keywords to draw people in right away. The reader should know exactly what your blog post is about in the first few sentences. Your word count for your blog should be in the range of 500-800 words so that it is long enough to convey your message but not so long that you lose the readers' attention. Include a relevant image in your blog post. This will make it more engaging and more likely to be shared.

Having a call-to-action at the end of your blog post is also important. You can include a link to another relevant post or ask the readers a question that they can then comment on in the comments section. Be sure to include some social media buttons at the end so the reader can share it.


Your tweets should include a call-to-action so readers know exactly what they are to do. Avoid using abbreviations and all caps and include links. These generate the most retweets so be sure to shorten all your URLs. Using questions, facts and figures is the best way to engage with viewers and promote retweets on Twitter.

Mentions can encourage people to engage with you and respond. Add an image or video to make your tweet more engaging and add a retweet that is relevant to your audience. Make sure to leave 20 characters so that people can add a comment!


You don't want to reveal everything in your Facebook post right away. By offering something, but not disclosing exactly what it is, fans will be more likely to click because they are curious. Your status should be upbeat and positive. You can include a link but make it a short link using You can then track how many people are clicking through from Facebook.

Be sure to include images in your posts on Facebook. Studies have shown that posts with images get the highest engagement. The ideal size for an image is: 800x600. Your image should be easily seen on mobile devices because eighty-five percent of your fans will be viewing your image on their smartphone. When fans comment or like your post, be sure to write back. Engaging with people builds brand trust and relationships. Your posts should be scheduled when the audience is most engaged, whether that is day or night or both.


Again, you want to come up with a catchy title that will grab the viewer's attention. The title is what will prompt someone to click and watch so make sure it is clever and also informative. When uploading your YouTube content, be sure you name your file something catchy so it can be searchable. Naming your YouTube video MOVIE123.mp4 will not garner any searches. The description of your video should include keywords relevant to your topic or business so people can search it easily.

You can also include links to your website and other social channels in your description and add a call-to-action within the description directing viewers on what they should do next. Hashtags are another important marketing tool when using YouTube. You video will be seen by more people if you use a clever and keyword rich hashtag.


Enhancing your photos on Instagram is important to your marketing efforts. Once you have found an editing app that works best for your brand, be consistent in your look so people identify your photos with your brand. Put the subject of your photo in only two-thirds of the screen to make it more appealing to the eye. Your captions for your photos should be relevant and grab people's attention.

You can ask questions to drive comments and use hashtags to increase engagement. If people have commented or liked your photo, you can send them a reply to drive two-way conversations. Your comments should be personable and not about trying to sell your product.


For this social media platform, try and use images that do not contain human faces. For some reason pictures with no human faces get shared twenty-three percent more than those with them. A little about color schemes: Images with dominant colors such as red and pink get three times the likes and repins. Images that have fifty percent color saturation compared to one hundred percent seem to get more repins too (four times likelier in fact!). They also get ten times more repins than black and white images. Red and orange colors get twice the amount of repins. Images that are set vertically rather than horizontally perform better. The ideal ratio is 2:3 and 4:5.

The background of your Pin should not take up more than forty percent of your image. Doing this saves you from losing fifty percent of your repins.


The perfect post in Google+ posts utilizes relevant hashtags and tags brands and people. They will get a notification that they have been tagged and potentially will engage. Creating posts that are trending is important. This keeps your brand relevant and up-to-date, which increases your visibly. Use full sized images in your Google+ posts to stand out on the page. Full size is 800x600.

When people comment on your Google+ post, be sure and comment back to extend the conversation. By finding relevant communities for your industry or brand, you can contribute to them. This will cause a rise in your engagement.


Hashtags are the key to Vine. Popular ones such as #loop and #how-to can attract the most engagement since new users start with hashtags for searches. Inventing your own style for your brand is the perfect way for users to recognize your Vine videos. Think about what it is you love most or how to best portray your brand in 6 seconds.

Use a tripod when shooting your video so it looks professional and isn't shaky. Also try and neutralize the background noise when you are shooting. You must master the infinite loop on Vine so that the video seamlessly loops forever and the end of your video flows right back into the beginning.


Tumblr offers seven different types of options to choose from. Make sure the option you pick is right for the content you want to share. By following people on Tumblr, you will be knowledgeable about the most current viral posts and know what everyone is talking about. This can encourage others to follow you as well. Your theme should be aesthetically pleasing and simple. You should use hashtags on Tumblr that are relevant and easy for people to find. Being interactive is the key element to Tumblr so make sure you show your users some love! Like other people's posts and reblog an interesting topic.

So there you have it! Easy ways to create the perfect content on your social media platforms. Happy posting!

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