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Creating the Illusion of space in any room

There's always a need for space. Sometimes, however the need for space is psychological and in these times, it is a good idea to use tips and tricks that fool the eye, since perception is key in this situation. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create the illusion of space in your home.

Monochromatic color schemes- This idea has been around for a while but it is highly effective in creating a more spacial feel in a room. By keeping colors minimal, especially on large surfaces like furniture and walls, you create a unified look that allows the eye to sweep quickly. When the eye has to stop and start many times, it translates to clutter or confusion.

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Similar Items- Similar or “like” items simply means accessories that share a common texture, color, or material. It is also a highly simplified approach to décor. For example, it is far easier to choose fixtures when we keep them in common with each other, oil rubbed fixtures, with oil rubbed drawer pulls, etc. Cheery wood flooring and Cherry wood cabinetry, all are “like”items and also add to that unifying look that lets again, the eye sweep a room.

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Light vs. Dark- It still holds true that lighter colors make a space feel larger. However if you must have some contrasts, remember that these darker contrasts can be applied in ways to make short walls longer, for instance. Using dark wanescoting running a long the walls creates a linear direction for the eye to follow. Study the room you wish to make look larger. Is there a lot of dark in it? You may want to cover or switch out some darker items for lighter ones. Also remember reflective paints like semi gloss allow light to bounce around a room and this creates an illusion as well.

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Keep corners clear- A room that is small will feel even smaller if each corner has a item in it. Corners give the room their shape and gives the eye the extent of the size. Try to avoid placing large furniture and items right into the corners.

Mirrors- Mirrors can not only create the illusion of a larger space, but they also are wonderful in your efforts to lighten up a space as well. Mirrors can be mock windows, and reflect much needed light. Be sure to place mirrors on walls where they can reflect as much natural light as possible.

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