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Creating meaningful Easter baskets for kids

Somehow our most meaningful holidays have become commercialized, with their original stories and meaning painted as a backdrop by the consumer market. For some of these holidays, the most exploited are children and their parent's pocketbook. Easter, for example: What do bunnies have to do with the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ? The short answer: Nothing. Bunnies symbolize fertility, and according to, the act of coloring hard-boiled eggs, predates Christianity and symbolizes birth and renewal. Its roots are likely Pagan.

Symbols of rebirth and renewal

If you want your children's Easter baskets to be more representative of the Christian holiday, you can make them yourself without breaking the bank. And if you don't already have a dozen or so stuffed away, plain baskets can be found at thrift stores and Dollar Trees. You don't have to forgo stuffed bunnies and colored eggs because they are innocent and fun symbols of renewal, but consider adding items to your baskets that resonate with you and your belief system. Most kids love books, coloring pages, angel symbols and/or figurines. Be creative.

If you have any suggestions on creating meaningful Easter baskets for kids, feel free to comment. We'd love to hear from you.

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