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Creating intimacy within an open relationship

Creating intamacy in an open relationship
Creating intamacy in an open relationship

An open relationship is by no means a new term, but the world has yet to process the principals that are involved. Many conservative couples judge this manner of thinking while those who take part in them are still trying to figure out the rules so-to-speak. More importantly, the concept of intimacy within an open relationship is still largely misunderstood. Just because intimacy is a single word, doesn't mean that it requires a singular manner of achievement. What couples in this modern unity needs to understand is that intimacy is based on various elements, just like the relationship itself. There is simply no room for tunnel-vision in a relationship, conventional or open, and building a solid framework for intimacy requires work from both sides.


One of the big reasons why open relationships have become so popular is due to issues of trust. In conventional relationships trust tends to turn into jealousy. This isn't surprising, seeing as humans aren't monogamous by nature and the thought of being betrayed can spark major conflict. For this reason many therapists support open relationships. It's no secret the divorce rate is at an ultimate high and this is mostly due to extra marital affairs, whereas open relationships don't really struggle with this dilemma. Ultimately the line between sex and love is blurred, but trust is something all relationships have in common and there is no confusion regarding its importance. Being able to trust your partner to come back after exploring a sexual fantasy, be there when you need them and stick by you through the thick and thin of it all is the first step towards intimacy. It is crucial that trust remains one of the biggest priorities in the relationship. The moment it's broken intimacy will follow. Make no mistake; the smallest breach of trust can have devastating consequences.


The second dynamic of intimacy is healthy communication. However, this isn't excluded to normal conversation about daily activities. There needs to be deep and emotional discussions on all levels. So many partners are scared to share certain things about themselves or issues that bother them and when this happens it will also block true intimacy. Having a partner is all about sharing intimate details and not being afraid to discuss serious issues. When couples can comfortably share and communicate then the level of intimacy can become intoxicatingly strong. Keep in mind that communication doesn't just take the form of words. Body language and gestures can also be very powerful and some find it easier to use. The way a partner is treated will fall under communication, so be attentive before saying or doing something stupid. Actions might speak louder than words, but neither of them can be taken back. One of the great benefits of an open relationship is being able to communicate desires that would otherwise be kept silent. Read more:[How to have an open marriage that works]


It is safe to say that honesty completes the circle of intimacy and it's deeply linked with trust and communication. Not being honest leads to a lack of intimacy. Open relationships have truly introduced new levels of honesty because humans are sexual beings. This relationship allows a partner to be sexually expressive without consequences and therefore honesty should always be part of it. The fact that open relationships allow for brutal honesty, it also allows a couple to utilize it. Apart from building trust and opening communication, being honest takes a lot of pressure off the relationship. Decreasing pressure leads to increased intimacy. This is another reason why open relationships are becoming more sought after, because there is no reason hide natural feelings.

Conservative relationships like to claim exclusivity to intimacy, when in fact there is a lot more intimacy present with an open one. If the above mentioned fundamentals are present then intimacy will be deep and very fulfilling. It should also be noted that intimacy includes smaller dynamics as well such as romance, quality time and even arguments. Unfortunately relationships aren't as simple building a puzzle. All of the above mentioned dynamics take time, effort and understanding. For some it will be easier than others, but for those who have to work a little harder the benefits will be so much greater. Intimacy is alive and well, you just have to look in the right places.

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