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Creating internal peace in 2014

Peace and tranquility
Peace and tranquility
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Did you know that you can have internal peace by asking God for it? In today’s world we reach for that yoga magazine or meditation workout to reach internal peace. Why not reach out to God spiritually and meditate in prayer asking him instead? Begin the New 2014 Year by praying about everything, and worrying about nothing as scripture tells us. Philippians 4:6 says, “Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Do not worry about anything friends, God has your back and promises to help you overcome!

We live in a society where chaos is always in the mix of daily living and we are expected to live with it. Well, I say no thanks! There are ways to fight back spiritually with the best Counselor who created the universe! You do not have to face internal conflict on your own anymore my friends! If you choose to make prayer a way of daily living watch what God will release into your life. Days with chaos and stress will be a thing of the past and internal peace will replace them. Can you imagine getting a healthy lifestyle jump start to this New Year by just praying and building a personal relationship with the Lord? It is possible!

This New Year is going to be a wonderful year and my prayer for you is that you are going to allow the Lord to create internal peace in your daily living! Make prayer a part of life and get into the routine of asking God for your needs. Do not allow chaos and stress to overtake you, you are never alone. This will be an amazing year filled with blessing and recovery so get ready friends, ask and watch the anointing release into your lives! Have a happy and blessed New Year, and as always, stay blessed and in His favor!