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Creating history at the los angeles airport holiday inn

ladies at the WIN summit posing with Marianne Williamson, running for 33rd District Congress seat
ladies at the WIN summit posing with Marianne Williamson, running for 33rd District Congress seat
copyright 2014 lori j bjork

In a place like the greater Los Angeles (L.A.) area which sprawls over five southern California counties (Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura) covering 33,954 square miles with a population of over 18 million as of 2011, you would be correct in thinking there would seemingly be an unlimited amount of sights in L.A. to write about.

Some sights probably seem obvious. Some sights may seem permanent. Some sights may be as temporary as lasting a mere second in time. And let's face it, some may seem downright cheesy.

In the cheesy category, none may appear to be cheesier than the Airport Holiday Inn. Yet, what if those walls could talk? What if you were a fly on the inn's walls? Imagine the events and goings-on that have occurred at this one L.A. sight past, present and future.

What if you had been an appreciative attendee of a meeting of some phenomenally fabulous women (and a few fabulous men) for an event that could very well be a contribution to the history of global women's empowerment and California congressional politics?

That event: Global Women Summit meeting

Main contributors: Paula Fellingham, founder of The WIN (Women's Information Network); and Norma Hollis and some of her associates at Authenticity Coaching

Present throughout the two day event: information, contacts, sponsors, joy, awards, food, fun and phenomenal women

Most anticipated speaker of the summit: Marianne Williamson

Ms. Williamson was at the summit to share that she is running for Congress in California's 33rd District, which includes most of the coastline of Los Angeles County.

Now your examiner purposely writes about art and sightseeing because there is very little overlap with these two subjects and politics. Also, the current political climate has had her feeling somewhat apathetic about the subject for a few years. Writing about this is a smidge out of her comfort zone, but here goes.

Marianne shared she had been approached numerous times for many years to run for political office to which she graciously declined. With Henry Waxman retiring and the advent of social media, now seemed to be the time for her to as they say, "throw her hat into the ring."

Marianne shared that her thirty or so years in the spirituality community have garnered her at least half a million people who have in some way been touched by her energy, including the many books she has written.

This large-with-passion-in-a-petite-body woman shared how our current political "animal" is now being, to gluttonous proportions, fed mostly by big business with PACs and the like. She isn't saying money isn't a necessary ingredient to the success of an effective and functioning congressperson. However, you can choose the food you will ingest. With that in mind, she envisioned that if each of the half million mentioned above sent her only $3 each, that would be a nice helping of "cheddar" to help feed her efforts. Also, there would be the satisfaction of contribution from the people and not from the strings-attached contributions of special interest groups.

At this article's press time, your examiner does not live in Marianne's district. And time is trickling away with the June 3rd primary only two days away. So, you may ask, why bother?

Well, if you are reading this article, it is most likely not a coincidence. And if in some way together (writer and reader) we can be an invitation that is accepted by someone in California's 33rd District who perceives the value of voting for Marianne Williamson who may not have otherwise been moved to vote, well... Imagine the possibilities. Imagine if as Ms. Williamson mentioned that this could be the start of reform in United States government the likes of which might some day be compared to the abolition of slavery, women getting the vote and the civil rights movement.

Who do you know? What can you do? What contribution can you be that if you would be it just might change her story, history and the landscape of L.A.?

Like the phenomenon that tells us a butterfly that flaps its wings here has an energetic effect on the other side of this third rock from the sun, you never know what change your seemingly small contribution can make.

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