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Creating Heaven in the here and now

How many of us have remotely heard or have even uttered the phrase; "God is love" before - without even being religious, without really comprehending in full the limitless-depths of "Creation's Divine Love and Guidance"? Most who have been conditioned to acknowledge her, but, have not been taught about the feminine component to God's love and guidance, being overall, Creation or "Mother Divine". Nor, were most introduced to how-to seek the femininity of the divinity for the source of their understanding of spiritual love.

Try creating heaven on earth! You don't have to be God to be close to the Divine!

Once there is a, primarily self-initiated, quest to be in alignment with the Source which is often accompanied with a stimulus of "Divine Guidance", you begin to see the "Glory of Goodness" in all things around you. The bestowed honor of seeing with the eyes of the "Divine Mother" allows us to simulate Heaven all around us; creating a transcendental environment with our hearts, bodies and minds - fostering an overall present-state that is influenced by Divine Creation. For me, and other great-thinkers connecting to the divine is the reason we humans exist. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson who provoked individuals to think differently about Creation. He informed us of the possibilities of spiritual-living in an human-experience through the ideologies of Transcendentalism.

But, unfortunately, many of us living creatures are more prone to be submissive to the havoc rather than the harmony and need a little inspiration when seeking an aligned transcendence with the Heavens here on Earth. Thus, once again nurturing our need for the "Divine Guide", the "Mother of all Creation" has provided those who seek her loving advice, for those who want a closer bond with her in all realms she has given us David Adelson as a gateway to her celestial existence. Adelson has manufactured an actual "Heaven-Creating Machine" that uses audio-visual meditation programs to help fixate the living soul with an Earthly-Utopia and a infinite euphoria from the Creators love and to continuously attract goodness., states their "Deepen Experiences program and Your Divine Name, plus creates Heaven-Creating® photography and art, powerful, Heaven-Creating® silent DVD’s & CD’s programmed with the frequencies of love, health, wealth, spirituality, is happiness, bliss and all the most desired qualities of life on earth." There are many ways to deflect negative energies and attract positive energies. Now me, I'm inspired by the divinity in me and I use myself as a muse for change in my environment, decisions, or energies around me, but, I still depend on Creation to guide me. Therefore, Heaven-Creating tools work best for me when I need a humble reminder to accredit the Source, and that it starts with the "Divine"; the reason for my transcended wholeness.

As I exhale my inhibitions from 2013 I look forward to the future and inhale all that goodness is resonating in my space. I know that only means we must share that space with another by telling them of the greatness of, according to people who transcend with "Mother Divine's" love. Here and now, I'm seeking the favor of the "Divine Mother" to offer the guidance given and suggest you find out for yourself.

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