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Creating family rituals

Family rituals are the foundation of positive memories for your children.
Family rituals are the foundation of positive memories for your children.

Family rituals are habits or actions that are repeated periodically over time. They become something every family look forward to. Every family should have their own rituals because these become the foundation on which memories are created.

Why family rituals are important

Rituals create a sense of togetherness for your family. They can provide a relaxing atmosphere, whereby each family member feels a sense of belonging. Most importantly, family rituals are important because when your children are grown, they will always have the memories of fun times together as a family. They might even continue to carry on some of these traditions with their own family.

How to create your own family rituals

Rituals can be anything from visiting the same vacation spot every year, to cooking a special recipe together for the holidays. There is no right or wrong way to come up with your own rituals. In fact, your family might already have rituals that you aren’t aware of.

The best way to make your own family rituals is to think about things that are important to your family. Do you all enjoy sports? Are you foodies? Do you like making crafts? Determining this common thread will be the first thing you should do.

After you figure out what common interests your family has, you can then decide how to fit that into recurring projects. For example, if your family likes football, a nice family ritual might be declaring one Sunday a month as “Family Football Day.” Everyone could wear their favorite team’s jersey and have a snack buffet to enjoy while watching a football game.

Ideas for family rituals

If you aren’t sure what kind of rituals your family might like, here are some ideas. Make some of them your own, or use this list to brainstorm your own ideas.

  • Game night

  • Lighting of the Christmas tree

  • Reading the Bible together every night

  • Family vacations

  • Bowling night

  • Cooking together


  • Jenn Greenleaf 5 years ago

    Great ideas! I've also heard of people using a Wii game player for "family outings" like bowling, etc. so they don't have to spend money on gas . . . but they're still getting the "together" activity. We're considering this investment because it's a long-distance adventure each time we want to go anywhere as a family.

  • Hope Wilbanks 5 years ago

    Yes, Jenn, the Wii is GREAT family fun. We bought one for our kids last February and it was a good investment.

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