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Creating death machines for Obsidian's 'Armored Warfare'

Battle it out in 'Armored Warfare.'
Battle it out in 'Armored Warfare.'
Photo courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment, used with permission.

The history of human warfare is deep and extensive. Since the dawn of the 20th century tanks have been the staple of modern military movements.

They're adaptable to both offensive and defensive roles and one tank alone can take hold of and control an area. However, there are times when vehicular combat is necessary and that's when things truly get interesting. Obsidian Entertainment is seeking to emulate that strategic battle with their upcoming Armored Warfare.

At E3, we spoke with Rich Taylor, Project Director at Obsidian, about creating spot on replicas of real world death machines such as the United States' M109A6 Paladin and the United Kingdom's Challenger 2.

"These vehicles are modeled directly from the real vehicles in the real world.

"We've put a lot of effort, research, and work into making the models as accurate as possible. Any time we detect any deviation from the real world model we go and fix it."

But getting your hands on even one of these isn't easy to do, as such, Obsidian has a library full of source materials that serve as supplementary resources, all helping the developer nail the unique ins and outs of each machine.

"We have a library with tens of thousands of dollars worth of books that we've collected including actual maintenance manuals and usage manuals of some of these vehicles that we've used as references.

"We're really happy with how the quality has come together."

A huge part of modeling the tanks correctly is keeping their reactions to enemy fire realistic. As such, the armor calculates how to handle each and every shot.

"In addition to accurately modeling them we also model their actual armor mechanics as well. So armor thickness, armor layers, armor angle, all those factor into every single shot that's fired. A projectile can shatter, it can bounce, or it can penetrate depending on where it hits, what angle it connects at, and what type of projectile it is.

"So those are all facets that are going to come into play for players when they start to explore this game and learn what options are available."

You can sign up to gain access to the beta on the My website.

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