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Creating cat-friendly homes is focus of upcoming book

An upcoming book will explain how to make a home cat-friendly.
An upcoming book will explain how to make a home cat-friendly.
Marc Selinger

“Catification,” a new book that is intended to help cat parents make their homes more feline-friendly, is due to be publicly released Oct. 14.

Written by Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” TV show, and by Kate Benjamin, the founder of cat design website, the book is billed as a step-by-step guide for creating an interior design that meets the needs of cats while remaining physically attractive to its human residents.

According to Galaxy's website, catification involves creating an indoor environment that caters to a cat’s natural instincts to climb, perch, rest, play and own his space.

In the July electronic newsletter of the CATalyst Council, a national cat health advocacy group, Benjamin explained that enriching a cat’s environment does not have to involve major changes. She said catification can be as simple as clearing off a shelf and adding a non-slip mat to show a cat that his territory has just expanded.

Benjamin also recommended creating a “cat super highway” to allow a cat to navigate an entire room without touching the floor. Building the highway can involve connecting surfaces with step shelves or other pieces of furniture. The highway should have no dead-ends, and multiple-cat households should have extra on- and off-ramps to avoid “traffic jams,” Benjamin said.

The book is now available for pre-order in paperback and electronic formats. For every copy pre-ordered, the publisher, Tarcher/Penguin, has pledged to donate $1 to organizations that help homeless cats.

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