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Creating animal print vases at the Lancaster library

A picture of flowers in a vase.
Microsoft Word Clipart

Calling all young people from ages 12 years old to 18, Animal Print Vases will be the activity this evening from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., at the County of Los Angeles Public Library. The City of Lancaster is known for providing various activities that will cater to all ages. For more information, call or visit the Lancaster library.

Stay-at-Home mothers, have many activities for their household; many ways to leave the mundane of home life for a fun evening that would be of great benefit for their young kids and teens. Do consider this wonderful opportunity to bring the family out and show their creative side. If young children will be coming, there are computers and a fun filled play area for them. Teenagers that chooses not to participate in creating vases, there is a Teen Room for reading or maybe check out books and movies for summer. Lastly, moms may sit back and watch vases come to life with animal prints.

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