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Creating an Eating Plan

Mc Donalds sells fitness videos AND pigs have begun flying.
Mc Donalds sells fitness videos AND pigs have begun flying.
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Creating your eating plan

Creating a purposeful and long-lasting eating plan does take a bit of effort. Learning to trust yourself and your decision making is paramount to your success. The best path to sustained success is being prepared by planning and avoiding dieting and short cuts. Remember that attaining and maintaining weight/fat loss is a process, not a simple protocol that is followed. It is multiple acts of discovering what works for you and what does not work, regardless of what the "experts" or your friends tell you to do.

Here are a few strategies to insure you stay on track.

1) Plan your meals and snacks
This seems simple enough, however, I am sure you get caught during hungry times and scrambling to figure out what to eat, where to get it and more often than not the choice does not fit your goal leading to remorse and regret. You must at least know what your next meal will be, where you will get it, how it can be prepared and why you are consuming it.
Ideally, you would have the entire day’s meals planned and prepared. Take one step at a time.

2) Make a “go to” meal list:
I still utilize Index cards foe INDEXING my “go to” meals. Often, we get stuck not knowing what to prepare because we become bored with our choices or we do not plan and scramble to eat something that fits our plan. Keeping a record of your favorite “go to” meals will aid you to make better, consistent choices.

3) Prepare your mind for success daily
Begin each day by preparing your mind to be successful. Many of us have so many habits ingrained over the years we do not even realize the power we have over our thoughts. Repeat to yourself daily that you will eat healthy (according to your goals and values), that you will be prepared, that you will overcome obstacles and that nothing can stop you from becoming the person you desire to be.

4) Ask the right questions:
Continually challenge yourself by asking questions.
Am I proud of the choices I am making?
Am I representing my body and mind properly?
Am I planning ahead and prepared for the days challenges?
Am I controlling my thoughts and not allowing justifications to consume foods I know are not in my long-term plan?

By following these guidelines, you will build your very own eating template, learn to consistently make choices, rather than reactions and enable you to get back on track after the inevitable poor choice.

Dieting never works. Planning ahead, being prepared for setbacks and having templates that fit your lifestyle do.


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