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Creating an acting resume

Basic acting resume template
Basic acting resume template
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An actor's resume is arguably one of the most important tools used to book auditions.   It is essential that an acting resume include the required information auditors need to determine whether an actor has the experience and training necessary to play the part. 

  • Personal Information  This includes information regarding the actor's name, height, weight, eye and hair color, union affiliation, phone number, and email address. This is the most important aspect of an acting  because the auditor uses this to contact the actor.  It is incredibly important that this information be updated as changes occur.

  •  Acting Experience  In this section, the actor should list the roles he or she has played in previous theatrical, film, and television productions.  On most acting resumes, this information is divided into three separate categories.  For theatrical productions, the actor should list the name of the production, which role he or she played, and the name of the theater or company that put on the production.  For film and television productions, the actor should list the name of the production, which role he or she played, whether that role was principal/supporting/extra, and which director or production company put on the production. 

  • Education and Training  This information includes any acting, dancing, or singing lessons the actor has received.  When listing this information, the actor should include the name of the course, the instructor, and the name of company or school where the course was taught.  It is also standard that the actor include information regarding the collegiate education he or she has received, even if the field of study does not relate to the arts.

  • Special Skills  In this section, the actor should list any skills or talents that might be of interest to an auditor.  While this can include a wide variety of information, it is customary that the actor include list his or her vocal range, dance experience, dialects, stage combat styles, movement skills, and instruments or sports that he or she can play.  When listing this information, make sure to be incredibly specific.


  • conner 4 years ago

    im a new actor trying to make in a few commercials and this was alot of help